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The aim of this site is to provide inspiration and encouragement for your life, and an opportunity for people around the globe to find courage in their life, by trusting God to be more present in their life.  In this site you can find:

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Monthly Reflections by
George Calleja
December 2018

‘This Christmas... make peace with your neighbour ’

Another year has nearly ended. Another Christmas has come. Many people will make their wishes hoping that they come true.

Christmas… the day to remember of baby Jesus who was born to bring peace to the world… baby Jesus who was sent by His Father to bring Salvation to all generations. How I wish that this truth is accepted by all people, lived by all, so that peace may really reign..
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Encouraging and helpful quotations from the Bible

Colossians 3:13

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”

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Inspirational photos to uplift your life

Following Christ will bring you fulness in life

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Kid' Corner

Jesus Loves The Little Children

 - video
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St. Paul Street Evangelization

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Famous Spiritual Quotations and Prayers

A Prayer… for those who are walking away from Jesus

Lord Jesus… I believe in your Salvation
You died on the cross to bring Salvation to all nations
You died for all mankind… no matter if they believe in you or not

Jesus, you love each and every person on earth
But even though you died for us
There are people who are walking away from you

Jesus, I pray for these people
That in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
They may return back to you

Jesus, open their eyes, so that they may see ‘The Light’
Help them to listen to your Word
And to nourish it in their hearts

Jesus, I thank you
For your love will surely reach out to these people
And may they be Blessed upon returning back to you.

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George Calleja - Christian Books

....information related to his Christian Books can be viewed through the following link:

George Calleja - Christian Author

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Thoughts and experiences of what life is about


Be encouraged and share the Good News

Many people all over the world claim that they are Christians. But are all Christians sharing the Good News? Unfortunately, although there are many Christians that do share the Good News, there are other Christians that do not share the Good News.

Imagine if all Christians do share the Good News? For sure there would be a big difference in the world. The world would experience more of living in unity… of living in peace.

So, what must Christians do? To be encouraged… not to be afraid… to give your life totally to Jesus… to follow Jesus, repent, experience Jesus in a deeper way… and share the Good News.

I have experienced this in my life. I do not focus my life on the past… but I live the present moment by loving my neighbor. So be encouraged and share the Good News.

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Ask, Seek, Knock...

I wish to pray for a teacher of mine and her family.
(Cristina Calleja - Malta)

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Media Resources

'In His Image'

this is my promotional video to my latest Christian book

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Your comments and feedback

'I want more people to know the work you are doing. 
The world needs more people like you. 
(Sherry Magar - USA)'

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