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Getting the Most out of Google

Some Differences between Google for Education and a regular Google Account
  • Classroom, an app that is available only with Google Apps for Education
  • No advertising on your Education Account
  • Professional email at your school's domain (Ex: @yourschool.edu or @yourschool.org instead of @gmail.com)
  • You can potentially can have shared Calendars
  • There is an administrator that can limit or enable certain features for different users
  • Google for Education has a Student Privacy Pledge where they protect your data and don’t sell it to third parties
  • And as of now you have unlimited storage in your Google for Education Account, whereas in you regular Google Account you have 15 GB of free storage across Dive, Gmail, and Google + which you can increase for a monthly fee, 100 GB is 1.99 a month, 1 TB, is 9.99, and so and so forth.