Product Comparison Matrix

You chose which of our products suit you - from open source, GPL licensed command line software to the fully licensed Pro version of pcdMagic, there's a solution for you.

The pcdMagic trial software never expires, and has all of the features of the fully licensed version such as film an scanner specific color profiles. The only restriction that only images up Base resolution (512 × 768) can be exported.

   pcdMagic for OS X  pcdMagic for OS X Trial
 pcdMagic for Windows
 pcdMagic for Windows Trial
Graphical user interface
Operating systems
 OS X 10.5+
 OS X 10.5+  Windows 7+
 Windows 7+
OS X, Windows, Linux
No blown highlights
Advanced interpolation
Film and scanner specific color profiles

 Export formats

 Image Resolutions
Base (512 × 768) and below
4Base (1024 × 1532)
16Base (2048 × 3072)
64Base (4096 × 6144)
   Exports watermarked          
 License  Perpetual  30 Days  Perpetual 30 Days  Perpetual
 Price  $79  Free  $79  Free  Free