Paul Russell

Professor of Philosophy

Lund University

Heraclitus and Democritus [1630s]. Artist: Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy (Amsterdam 1588-1650/65)

PR - Piana, Corsica 2019

Address for Correspondence:

Department of Philosophy, Room B521,Helgonavägen 3, Lund,Box 192, Sweden, 221 00 Lund 30 Telephone: +46 (0)46 222 00 00______________________

Paul Russell is Professor of Philosophy at Lund University (half-time appointment since 2018). He also serves as Director of the Lund|Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP).

Research Interests

Paul Russell's interests cover the areas of free will and moral responsibility along with various topics in early modern philosophy. Within the area of free will and moral responsibility he is particularly interested in the challenge of scepticism and theories of responsibility that appeal to reactive attitudes or moral sentiments. On the subject of early modern philosophy he is especially concerned with the philosophy of David Hume and how his philosophy relates to problems of religion and atheism.

Paul Russell holds a PhD from Cambridge University (1986), where his supervisor was Professor Sir Bernard Williams.

Prior to his current position at Lund University he has held positions as Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia and at Gothenburg University. He has also held a Research Fellowship at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, as well as visiting (teaching) appointments in philosophy at Virginia, Stanford, Pittsburgh and North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Among the various honours and awards he has received are a Fowler Hamilton Visiting Fellowship at Christ Church, Oxford University (2010) and the Journal of the History of Philosophy prize for best book published in the history of philosophy in 2008 [awarded to The Riddle of Hume's Treatise (Oxford University Press)]. In 2005 he was appointed a Kenan Distinguished Visiting Professsor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The University of British Columbia awarded him a Killam Teaching Prize (in 2007) and a Killam Faculty Research Prize (in 2014). His current position at Lund has been made possible thanks to a major grant from the Swedish Research Council for "the international recruitment of leading researchers" (2014).

He has served on the Editorial Board of both the Journal of the History of Philosophy [2013-2019] and Hume Studies [2005-2010].

Paul Russell was recently elected Beaufort Visiting Fellow at St. John's College, Cambridge for Lent term 2023.

In 2017 he published The Limits of Free Will [Oxford University Press] a volume of selected essays on the topic of free will and moral responsibility. In 2021 he published a second volume of essays, titled Recasting Hume & Early Modern Philosophy [Oxford University Press], a collection of papers on Hume and early modern philosophy. (On his other recent publications see further below.) His papers have been published in a variety of academic journals [Mind, Ethics, etc.], as well as in influential collections and anthologies [e.g. the Oxford Handbooks, Cambridge Companions, etc.]. Along with his academic publications he has also published opinion pieces and reviews in a variety of venues, including the Times Literary Supplement, The Scotsman, the Globe & Mail, the Vancouver SUN, and AEON. Selections of his work have been translated into several languages, including Chinese, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Hungarian.


Currciulm Vitae

Current Position:

Professor, Lund University


Graduate: Cambridge University PhD (1986)

Undergraduate: Edinburgh University M.A (Honours) - 1st class (1979)

Date & Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland/ 7 September, 1955

Areas of Specialization:

Ethics and Action Theory

Early Modern Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion

Academic Employment:

2018 – Professor, Lund University & Director of the Lund |Gothenburg Responsibility Project (half-time appointment)

[Previous Employment]

1987- 2015 Professor, University of British Columbia [halftime 2015-2022].

2015-2017 – Professor, University of Gothenburg (half-time appointment)

2005 (Jan-June) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill –

- Visiting Professor (Kenan Distinguished Visitor)

1996 - 1997 University of Pittsburgh - Visiting Associate Professor

1989 - 1990 Stanford University - Mellon Fellow & Visiting Assistant Professor

1988 (Jan-June) University of Virginia - Visiting Assistant Professor

1984-1985 Invited Lecturer, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

1984-1986 Director of Studies in Philosophy (Cambridge) at Sidney Sussex College (1984-86), Robinson College (1985), Trinity Hall (1984-1985)

1984 - 1987 Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge - Junior Research Fellow

1983 - 1984 University of Notre Dame - Adjunct Lecturer (London Program)

Awards and Distinctions:

  • 2021/2023 Beaufort Visiting Fellow at St. John's College, Cambridge University: Lent term 2023 [ elected in 2021].

  • 2014 Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), Grants for International Recruitment of Leading Researchers.

[Awarded to the University of Gothenburg and Lund University, recruited as researcher. ]

Graduate Awards

  • 1980 - 1983 Scottish Education Department Major Scottish Studentship

Undergraduate Awards

[Most distinguished graduate in philosophy at Edinburgh University.]

Teaching, Supervision and Professional Activities

Courses Taught:

* Lund University 2021

- Williams and Ethics (Graduate Seminar)

- Aspects of Naturalism (Graduate Seminar)

* University of British Columbia 1987 - 2020

- Ethics

- Social & Political Philosophy

- Philosophy of Religion

- Philosophy of Law

- Hume's Treatise (Graduate Seminar)

- Introduction to Philosophy

- Contemporary Issues in Free Will (Graduate Seminar)

- Moral Luck and Justice (Graduate Seminar)

- Free Will and Moral Responsibility

- Philosophy of History

- Spinoza's Ethics (Graduate Seminar)

- Contemporary Moral Theory (Graduate Seminar)

- Philosophy of Samuel Clarke

- British Moralists 1650-1740 (Graduate Seminar)

- Hume's Philosophy of Religion

- Moral Theory and Practical Reason (Graduate Seminar)

- Metaphysics and Human Existence (Graduate Seminar)

- Hobbes’s Leviathan (Graduate Seminar)

- Virtue Ethics

- Philosophy of Bernard Williams (Graduate Seminar)

- Early Modern Philosophy - 18th Century

- Nietzsche, Williams and Genealogy (Graduate Seminar)

- The Radical Enlightenment and the Critique of Religion

* University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2005

- Early Modern Philosophy

- British Empiricism (Graduate Seminar)

* University of Pittsburgh 1996-1997

- Early Modern Philosophy

- British Empiricism

- Free Will (Contemporary Problems)

- Hume's Moral Philosophy (Graduate Seminar)

* Stanford University 1989 - 1990

- Political Philosophy

- Hume's Treatise: Books. II and III

* University of Virginia 1988

- Political Philosophy

- Hume and Free Will (Graduate Seminar)

* Cambridge University 1984-85

- Free Will

- Hume's Treatise [Book.I]

* University of Notre Dame [London Programme] 1983-84

- British Moral & Political Philosophy

Graduate Supervision:

Current PhDS

Anton Emilsson, 2019- [Lund] (co-supervisor)

Robert Pál, 2020 - [Lund] (committee member)

Shervin MirzaeiGhazi [Lund] (main supervisor)

Filippos Stamatiou, 2018- [Copenhagen] (committee member)

Previous PhD Supervision

- Nick Sleigh, 1991-1994 [UBC] (committee member)

- Diane Whiteley, 1992-1998 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Marilyn Kane, 1996-2003 [UBC] (committee member)

- Johnna Fisher, 1999-2001 [UBC] (committee member)

- Kari Coleman, 1999- 2002 [UBC] (supervisor)

- James Kelleher, 2005-2010 [UBC] (supervisor; committee member)

- Joseph Topornycky 2005-2012 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Oisin Deery 2007-2013 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Tian Jie 2005 – 2013 [UBC] (supervisor)

- James Hellewell 2006 – 2014 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Irwin Chan 2012 - 2019 [UBC] (supervisor/ committee member)

External Supervision:

- Daniel Telech, University of Chicago (committee member) 2016-2018

- Anna Rez - Visiting Graduate; Central European University (Budapest) 2012

External examiner, PhD:

- Andras Szigeti; Central European University (Budapest) 2007

- Benjamin Matheson; Manchester University, 2014

- Damir Cicic; Central European University (Budapest) 2016

- Audun Bengtson, KU Leuven - University of Leuven, 2020.

M.A. Supervision

- Jon Kalmansson, 1992-1994 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Robert Gunnarsson, 1994-96 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Andrew Horner, 1997 [UBC] (second reader)

- Peter Rabbe, 1997 [UBC] (second reader)

- Adam Bradley, 1998 (second reader)

- Andrea Scotland, 1999-2001 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Mark Campbell 2001 [UBC] (second reader)

- Bert Terzian, 1999-2003 [UBC] (supervisor)

- Katharine Browne 2003-2005 [UBC] (supervisor)

Postdoctoral Supervision:

- Anders Kraal (Uppsala University) – 2011-2013

Department Administration (Philosophy/UBC):

Graduate Advisor; Majors Advisor; Honours Advisor; Colloquium Organizer; Merit Committee; Appointments Committees (Junior & Senior); Head Search Committee, Spring Colloquium Organizer, Awards Committee, Tenure and Promotion; etc.

University Service (Recent):

- Humanities subcommittee, Faculty of Graduate Studies;

– SSHRC Awards;

- Curriculum Committee, Arts (2012-2013)

Professional Service:

- Editorial Board Journal of the History of Philosophy 2013 -2019

- Editorial Board: Hume Studies 2005-2010

Academic Referee:


Broadview, Blackwell; Cambridge University Press; Edinburgh University Press; MIT Press; Oxford University Press (UK and USA); Palgrave Macmillan; Polity; Routledge


American Political Science Review; Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie; Australasian Journal of Philosophy; Canadian Journal of Philosophy; Dialogue; Enlightenment and Dissent; Ethics; History of Philosophy Quarterly; Hume Studies; Inquiry; Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy; Journal of Ethics; Journal of the History of Philosophy; Mind; Modern Intellectual History; Philosophers' Imprint; Philosophical Studies; Philosophical Explorations, Philosophical Quarterly; Political Theory; Polity; South African Journal of Philosophy

Tenure & Promotion:

University of Houston; University of Toronto; Washington State University; University of Portland; University of Virginia; Tulane University; University of California at Riverside

Conferences, Grant Agencies etc.:

British Society for Ethics; Canadian Philosophical Association; Hume Society; NOWAR; Leverhulme Trust, SSHRC (Canada); etc.

Two MonkeysPieter Bruegel the ElderOriginal Title: Twee geketende apenDate: 1562



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Published in paperback 2010 with a new foreword. Awarded the Journal of the History of Philosophy book prize for the best published book in the history of philosophy in 2008.
Chinese translation: “Hume’s irreligious aims and objectives” [from Chap. 18] In World Philosophy, 1.2015 (trans. by Xiaoping Zeng, Wuhan University).

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Papers in Progress(1) Compatibilism, Moral Standing and Manipulation(2) Skepticism and Responsibility(3)


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(v) "There are relevant limits for freedom and liberty", The Province (Vancouver), October 15, 2021

Podcasts:Philosophy Bites: “Paul Russell on Fate” (December 30, 2010)Philosophy Bites: “Paul Russell on David Hume’s Treatise” (April 26, 2011)Simply Charly: “The Riddle of Hume’s Treatise”,

Radio and Television:(i) CBC Television (British Columbia):July 13, 1990 Evening News - Ethics and Provincial Politics (ii) CBC Radio (British Columbia): July 18, 1990 “Almanac” (Phone-In) – Ethics and Provincial Politics(iii) CKOV Radio (Kelowna, BC): October 17, 1991 “Barry Clark Show” – Provincial Election and Conflict of Interest Issues(iv) CJOR Radio (Vancouver) – April 1994 Dave Abbott Show (Phone-In) – Crime and Punishment(v) CKNW/98 Radio (Vancouver) – 23 April, 1998 The David Berner Show (Phone-In) - The Humanities and the Universities(vi) CBC Ideas, "Christmas Philosophy", aired on 23rd December, 2020; rebroadcast on NPR on 25th December, 2020. [Rebroadcast again on CBC ideas December 22, 2021.]


Papers Given at International Conferences and Invited Lectures:* Indicates invited speaker; all the other papers were refereed; @ forthcoming
@ 2023 (September) --Queen's College, University of Oxford. Conference: "Rethinking Skepticism and Naturalism". Queen's College, University of Oxford. Roots of Responsibility: Metaphysics, Humanity, and Society, led by Professor John Hyman. TBA.- 2021 (October ) -- University of Zürich, Center for Ethics. Masterclass on Moral Responsibility. [via Zoom] Invited teacher. Organized and led by Philipp Schwind & Jörg Löschke.- 2021 (September) University of Antwerp, Belgium. Conference: ‘Natural Religion and the Scottish Enlightenment’. Invited keynote speaker (title: "David Hume and the Radical Enlightenment"). Organised by Willem Lemmens & Esther Kroeker.- 2020 (March) University of Antwerp. Antwerp Philosophy Lecture: Title: Responsibility and the New Scepticism. Organisers: Jo Bervoets, Emma Moormann, and Willem Lemmens- 2019 (November) KU Leuven, Belgium . P.F. STRAWSON AT 100 International Conference : "Responsibility after 'Morality': Strawson's Naturalism and Williams' Genealogy" [Organizers: Prof. Stefaan Cuypers, Prof. Stefan Rummens, Dr. Benjamin De Mesel, Audun Bengtson, Sybren Heyndels]- 2019 (October) Chigwell School, Essex: The Williams Project: 'The Life and Philosophy of Bernard Williams'* 2019 (June) KU Leuven - University of Leuven . Institute of Philosophy. Conference: “Free Will and Methodology” (June 6-7, 2019). Keynote speaker. [Co- organized by Stefaan Cuypers and Audun Bengtson] Title: “Free Will and the Tragic Predicament: Reflections on Williams”. - * 2018 (March) University of British Columbia . Nexus | ISGP Annual Student Conference: “Is Responsibility an Illusion?”. Keynote speaker.- * 2018 (November) University of British Columbia (February). UBC Association of Professors Emeriti. Topic: Free Speech. Panelist and Presenter.- *2017 University of Hamburg . Title: Hume’s Scepticism and the Problem of Atheism”. Hume Workshop. Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies. (Organized by Máté Veres, Stephan Schmid and Josef Stern.)- *2017 Ferrara, Italy (October). Title : “Hume’s Sensible Atheism”. International Symposium "Around the Eighteenth Century" (Organized by Andrea Branchi.)- * 2017 (June) University of Bonn. Conference: "Free Will and Moral Responsibility in Historical and Cultural Perspective". (Organized by M. Forster, M. Gabriel, and C. Wenze.)- * 2017 (June) Ghent University . Conference: “Justice Without Retribution”. Title: “Naturalism, Genealogy and Responsibility Scepticism. (Organized by G. Caruso, F. Focquaert, D. Pereboom, E. Shaw.)- * 2017 (February) Central European University, Budapest : Invited lecturer CEU Center for Religious Studies, for the university-wide doctoral seminar “Reason, Unreason and Nature in Religion”. Topic: TBA. (Organized by Aziz Al-Azmeh.)- * 2016 (December) Einstein Foundation, Berlin. Workshop: "Moral Address". Title: “Moral Address and Free Will Pessimism”. (Organized by R. Jay Wallace and Daniele Bruno.)- * 2016 (October) Basel University. Seminar on Scepticism. Title: Naturalism, Genealogy and Responsibility Scepticism. (Organized by Gunnar Hindrichs.)- * 2016 (May) Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities. Stockholm. Invited Lecture. Title – Free Will Pessimism.- * 2016 (May) Oxford Hume Forum. Invited Talk. Title: “Hume’s Sensible Atheism”.- * 2015 (November) Oxford University (November): Invited Keynote Speaker: Interdisciplinary Network on the ‘Affections and Ethics’ at Oxford University. Conference on "Feeling for Another: The Role of Empathy in Moral Theory and Moral Psychology. Title: “Sympathy, Impartiality and ‘the Morality System’”. (Organized by Erasmus Mayr and Lorenzo Greco.)- * 2015 (November) "Free Will Pessimism". Tulane University, The Murphy Institute. “New Orleans Workshop on Agency and Responsibility”. (Organized by David Shoemaker.)- * 2015 (October): "Free Will Pessimism". Philosophical Society at the University of Gothenburg.- *2015 (April): "Hume, Williams and the 'Science of Man'". Hume Society Session @ American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division. With Graciela De Pierris (Stanford). (Organized by David Landy.)- *2015 (March): Invited Keynote Speaker. Annual Meeting of the Danish Philosophical Association. Aarhus University, Denmark. Topic: “Free Will Pessimism”. (Organized by Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen.)- *2014 (September) The American University of Rome (September): Mandeville Readings in Rome. Panel participant (with Eugenio Lecaldano) discussing Mikko Tolonen's Mandeville and Hume Anatomists of Civil Society.- *2014 (April) -The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH), Oxford University. (April): The Moral and Political Legacy of Bernard Williams:“Hume, Williams and ‘the Morality System’”.- *2014 (April) “Compatibilism, Pessimism and ‘the Morality System’.” University of Chicago, Center for Law, Philosophy and Human Values: “Skepticism about Freedom and Responsibility” [The other speakers were Sarah Conly (Bowdoin), Jesse Prinz (CUNY), Saul Smilansky (Haifa), and Gideon Yaffe (Yale). (Organized by Brian Leiter.)- *2014 (February) University of Calgary (February) - invited Keynote Speaker – “Old Atheism in New Bottles: Historical Reflections on the Contemporary Debate”. "The 1st Annual Canadian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference."- 2013 (May): Yale University: New England Colloquium in Early Modern Philosophy, "Hume's Scepticism and the Problem of Atheism"- *2013 (April): “Compatibilism, Pessimism and ‘the Morality System’”. Invited speaker. University of Delaware: "Free Will and the Scientific Worldview: Optimistic and Pessimistic Perspectives." [The other speakers were John Martin Fischer, Cendri Hutcherson, and Derk Pereboom – organized by Seth Shabo.]- *2012 (March): “Critical Compatibilism and the Limits of Free Will”. Invited keynote speaker at the Western Canadian Undergraduate Conference of Philosophy at the University of Victoria.- 2011 (November): “Responsibility, Naturalism and ‘the Morality System’”, 2011 New Orleans Workshop on Agency and Responsibility, The Murphy Institute, Tulane University. (Organized by David Shoemaker.)- * 2011 (July): “Hume’s Scepticism and the Problem of Atheism”. Philosophy in Assos (Turkey) - David Hume On God, Religion and Morality:- * 2011 (May) “Author Meets Critics session on Riddle of Hume's Treatise”, The New England Colloquium on Early Modern Philosophy, Dartmouth College [Critics: Justin Broackes and Ken Winkler, ]- * 2010 (October): Moral Agency, Deliberative Awareness and Conscious Control: Erasmus University, Rotterdam (Holland): “Responsibility, Naturalism and ‘the Morality System’”.- *2010 (May) Nanjing Normal University, China (2 lectures). “Moral Sense and Responsibility”; “Hobbes and the Free Will Problem”- * 2009 (June) Humean Readings: Themes from Hume: University of Rome, La Sapienza; “Author meets Critics - The Riddle of Hume’s Treatise” [Critics: Eugenio Lecaldano, Luigi Turco, Paola Zanardi, Peter Kail ]- * 2009 (April) American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division: “Author meets Critics - The Riddle of Hume’s Treatise” [Critics: Joseph Campbell, Don Garrett, James Harris]- * 2009 (February) Second Annual North Sea Early Modern Philosophy Workshop. Leiden University, The Netherlands [Theme: Moral and Political Theory]: "Of Gods and Clocks: On the Hobbes-Bramhall Debate". (Organized by Eric Schliesser).- * 2006 ISSEI International Society for the Study of European Ideas, University of Malta: “Hume’s Lucretian Mission”- * 2006 Humean Readings: Themes from Hume: University of Rome, La Sapienza: “Hume’s Lucretian Mission”- *2006 Bled Philosophical Conference, on Freedom and Determinism; Bled, Slovenia. “Free Will, Art and Morality”- *2006 Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, Washington State University; “History, Implantation and (Selective) Hard Compatibilism”. (Organized by Joe Campbell & Michael O’Rourke.)- *2006 American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division (Portland, Oregon): Session on Hume and Naturalism; “Naturalism, Religion and Hume’s Lucretian Mission”2005 Fifth European Congress for Analytic Philosophy, University of Lisbon; “Compatibilism, History and Implantation Problems”- *2004 Values and Virtues: Aristotelianism in Contemporary Ethics, University of Dundee; “Moral Sense and Virtue in Hume’s Ethics”. (Organized by Tim Chappell.)- *2004 Moralische Motivation. Kants Ethik in der Diskussion, Marburg University; “Practical Reason and Motivational Scepticism”- * 2003 Lecture on Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy, University of Rome, La Sapienza; “Irreligion and the Impartial Spectator in Smith’s Moral System”- *2001 28th Annual Meeting of the Hume Society, University of Victoria; “Author-Meets-Critics on Freedom and Moral Sentiment” [Critics: Francis Dauer, Jackie Taylor]*2001 Humean Readings: Themes from Hume: University of Rome, La Sapienza: “Irreligion and Hume’s Treatise” - *1999 Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference (April), Washington State University; "Moral Sense and Wide-Responsibility"- *1998 Hume Society, Eastern APA: Washington, DC; "Newtonianism, Immaterialism and Hume's 'Atheism'"- *1998 25th Annual Meeting of the Hume Society, University of Stirling, Scotland; "Hume's Moral Sense and Wide-Responsibility"- *1998 Conference on Moral Responsibility and Ontology: Utrecht, Netherlands; "Compatibilist-Fatalism". (Organized by Ton van den Beld.)- 1995 22nd Annual Hume Conference, University of Utah; "Hume on the Involuntary Nature of Moral Character"- 1995 The Scottish Tradition in Philosophy, University of Aberdeen; "Smith on Moral Sentiment and Moral Luck"- 1993 20th Annual Hume Conference, University of Ottawa; "Hume's Treatise and the Clarke-Collins Controversy"- 1991 Le Moyne Forum on Religion and Literature, Syracuse, NY; "Epigrams, Pantheists and Freethought in Hume's Treatise"- 1984 11th Annual Hume Conference, University of Iceland, Reykjavik; "Hume's Treatise and Hobbes's The Elements of Law"
Papers Given at University Colloquia and Seminars
[Unless otherwise indicated, all papers have been presented to philosophy department colloquia at the institutions cited below
@ Philosophy Department Colloquium: Zürich University. May 2022. TBA.
"Responsibility after 'Morality': Strawson's Naturalism and Williams' Genealogy" - Department of Philosophy, Aarhus University, Denmark. October 2021. - LGRP Workshop, Lund University, November 2020."Free Will and the Tragic Predicament: Making Sense of Williams".- Philosophy Department Colloquium: Uppsala University. November 2019:- Philosophy Department Colloquium: Copenhagen University. November 2019."Free Will Scepticism".- Departmental Seminar. The Buchmann Faculty of Law. Tel Aviv University. March 2019. - Philosophy, University of Haifa . March 2019 - Department of Philosophy Colloquium, Linköping University. October 2018“Responsibility, Illusion and Metaphysical Attitudes". Workshop: Scepticism, Dualism and Illusionism: Themes from Smilansky. - Lund University. LGRP Workshop. October 2017.“Naturalism, Genealogy and Responsibility Scepticism”.- Queen’s University at Kingston. November 2016. - Lund University. May 2017. - Central European University, September 2017.“Hume and Williams on Voluntariness and ‘the Blame System’”.- Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Seminar on "The Will" (organized by Laurent Jaffro & André Charrak): May 2014."Compatibilism and Moral Luck: Problem or Predicament?",- University of Montreal - (Inter university Research Group on Ethics): January 2014.“Responsibility, Naturalism and “the Morality System”.University of Arizona: February 2012“Hume’s Scepticism and the Problem of Atheism”- University of Arizona: February 2012- Portland State University: May 2012- University of California, San Diego (January, 2014)- Basel University: November 2016“Critical Compatibilism and the Limits of Free Will” - Moral Philosophy Seminar: Oxford University: October, 2010 - Open University, November 2010“Is Moral Responsibility Truly Impossible?” - University of Aberdeen, June 2008“Free Will, Art and Morality”- Cambridge University (Moral Sciences Club); February 2007- Kwantlen College, Vancouver; March 2007“Hume’s Lucretian Mission: Is it Self-Refuting?”- University of California at San Diego, January 2007- University of Edinburgh, March 2007“History, Implantation and Selective Hard Compatibilism”- University of British Columbia, Spring Colloquium; March 2006- Queen’s University at Kingston, April 2006 - McGill University, April 2006“Irreligion and Hume’s Treatise”- Ithaca College; September 2004- University of Lodz (Poland); September 2005"The Material World and Natural Religion in Hume's Treatise" ["Newtonianism, Immaterialism and Hume's 'Atheism'"] - University of Utah: February 1999 - Canadian Philosophical Association, University of Alberta, May, 2000 - University of Toronto, March 2002“Responsibility, History and the New Compatibilism” - Canadian Philosophical Association, Laval University, Quebec; May, 2001“Compatibilism and Moral Sense” ["Moral Sense and Wide Responsibility”] - Western Canadian Philosophical Association, University of British Columbia, November 1998 - University of Calgary, January 2002 - University of Alberta, January 2003 - University of Victoria, March 2003 - North Carolina Philosophical Society, Duke University, February 2005 "Hume on the Involuntariness of Moral Character", - Western Canadian Philosophical Association, University of Regina, October 1994"Compatibilist Fatalism" - University of Washington (Seattle): May, 1993 - Simon Fraser University: October 1993 - University of British Columbia: February, 1996 - Edinboro University, Pennsylvania: April 1997 - University of Virginia: April 1997"Hume on Character and Responsibility" - University of British Columbia: March, 1992"Strawson's Way of Naturalizing Responsibility" - Simon Fraser University: January, 1991 - McGill University: February, 1991"Smith on Moral Sentiment and Moral Luck" - Adam Smith Symposium, University of British Columbia, September 1990 - University of Washington (Seattle): May, 1995 "Hume on Personal Identity"- Stanford University: February, 1990 [John Perry's seminar on Personal Identity]"The Justification of Punishment" - University of Virginia: January, 1988 - Stanford University: January, 1988 - University of Chicago: January, 1988"Causation, Compulsion & Compatibilism" - Simon Fraser University: November, 1987 - University of British Columbia, November, 1987 - Brown University: February, 1989"Nozick, Need and Charity" - Cambridge University: October, 1984 [Social & Political Theory Seminar] - University of British Columbia: February, 1987
Invited Participant:
@ 2022 (July) -- Portland, Oregon. NEH Summer Institute: David Hume in the Twenty-first Century: Perpetuating the Enlightenment. Invited speaker. Organizers Angela Coventry & Elizabeth S. Radcliffe.
- 2021 (October ) University of Zurich, Center for Ethics. Masterclass on Moral Responsibility. Invited teacher. Organized and led by Philipp Schwind & Jörg Löschke.- 2019 (May) The annual meeting of the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO) - Vancouver, BC. Conference panel on: "Can Free Speech and Protection from Harm Coexist in Higher Education?". [Monday, 6th May @3:45 pm – 5:00 pm ]- 2013 (March) Invited Commentator on Miranda Fricker's "What's the Point of Blame?". APA Pacific Division Meeting, San Francisco.- 2012 (September). “Responsibility & Relationships: 50 years of Strawson’s ‘Freedom and Resentment”. College of William & Mary, Williamsburg VA.. Comments on Gary Watson, “Strawson on Responsibility and Sociality”.- 2012 (June). “Workshop on the Manipulation Argument”. Central European University, Budapest. Presentation: Manipulation and Moral Standing- 2011 (September). Invited commentator on Neal Tognazzini , “Blame as a volitional activity”. USF Conference on Responsibility, Agency, and Persons”.. University of San Francisco. - 2011 (August) “Moral Psychology”, Summer School of the Netherlands Graduate School for Research in Practical Philosophy. Presentation: “The Free Will Problem”. - 2010 (August). “Hume Fest: An Informal Workshop”, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada. “Hume’s Legacy and the Idea of British Empiricism”. - 2009 (July) “Aspects of Responsibility”: Summer Course, Central European University, Budapest. Presentations on: Compatibilism and Pessimism; Moral Capacity and Moral Emotion; Is Morality Unfair? - 2009 (April) “Spring Roundtable on Promissory Obligations”, Eagle Ridge Resort; Galena, Illinois. Sponsored by the Illinois Program in Law and Philosophy. - 2009 (February) “Optimism, Pessimism and Critical Compatibilism”: Contemporary Free Will Workshop at Leiden University, The Netherlands. - 2007 (January) “Liberty, Commerce and Character in Hume’s Essays”. Liberty Fund, Pasadena, California. - 2006 (May) “Freedom and Responsibility in Addison and Smith”: Liberty Fund. Seattle, Washington - 2005 (April) Hume’s Naturalism, Hester Seminar, Wake Forest University - 2004 (October) Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations: Liberty Fund. Portland, Oregon - 2000 American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Meeting, New York Commentator (on P. Kail: "Hume's Second Thoughts about Personal Identity") (December 2000)

Hector and AndromacheWarhol (after De Chirico) - 1982]