(3.4) CAPT. ERIKA: Ocklawaha River Restoration Traveling Road Show

Captain Erika Ritter "A Cruising Down the River"
Ocklawahaman Paul Nosca
with their
Ocklawaha River Restoration
Traveling Road Show
Created:  02 June 2013
Last Revised:  30 May 2015
Dedicated to the preservation of the now-existing free-flowing sections of the 56-mile long Silver-Ocklawaha River system & the eventual restoration to free-flowing of those segments still suffering from the backwater effect of Rodman (Kirkpatrick) Dam.
The 30 September 1968 completion of Rodman Dam caused the loss of 21 river miles of free-flowing riverine ecosystem. Florida's peninsula was blessed by the Creator with thousands of lakes but very few swift-flowing streams of any considerable length. The "pre-Rodman Dam" 56-mile long "Silver-Ocklawaha River" was unique in this state by virtue of having one of the world's greatest-flow 1st magnitude artesian spring groups (73 degree F Silver Springs) as its supreme headwaters with unimpeded access for fish & other aquatic life--located more than 50 miles above tidewater influence.
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JOB WELL DONE to Florida's "State Folklorist" Blaine Wade!
Blaine did much great set-up work at the 2013 Florida Folk Festival.
2013 "Florida Folk Festival" front cover
Painting by featured artist Beth Haizlip
2010 PCEC "Rally for the Rivers" front cover
2010 PCEC "Rally for the Rivers" rear cover
 2008 PCEC "Rally for the Rivers" front cover
 2008 PCEC "Rally for the Rivers" rear cover