Pauline Provini


I am a French researcher in Evolutionary Biology, interested in Functional Morphology, Biomechanics and Modelling. I want to understand how the shaping of an animal is driven by its motions and by the physical constrains of its environment.

To do so, I'm studying:

  • the detailed motions associated with a given function (e.g. locomotion, feeding, reproduction, singing)

  • the shape of the structures involved in this function (bones, muscles)

  • the dynamics of the medium those structures are moving in (air or water).

This requires a highly interdisciplinary approach, combining morphology and evolutionary biology with biomechanics, fluid dynamics and modelling. I use state-of-the art approaches, for example biplanar X-ray high-speed videos to obtain 3D reconstruction of the skeleton motions, and Particle Image Velocimetry to image fluid dynamics.

Among other things, I studied the influence of the big kiwi egg on its locomotion, how the water flow is generated inside the mouth of a fish during suction feeding or take-off and landing in birds to understand the origin of flight.

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I have started my group at the CRI and am currently looking for Master students to join the team. Please contact me to learn more about the project

Last update (09/2022)