This is a somewhat generic 'others' category, for things I like to photograph that don't fit in any other categories!
I've always been fascinated with maps and aerial and satellite photography. These photos come from various commercial flights to Spain and Ireland, and also two chartered flights in a tiny Cessna with an interior that resembled a Ford Cortina!
I've recently acquired a microscope with web camera attached, and with excellent lighting above and below the stage. I'll be capturing all sorts of things, but I'm especially interested in crystals and minerals.
I always have an eye open for patterns, both natural and man-made.
Darkness creates a whole new range of opportunities to capture light and movement. Digital cameras are getting much better at long exposures, but sometimes a really long film exposure is the only solution.
Aerial - sunglint on the northern Spanish coastline near Bilbao
The coastline of northern Spain
Cross-section of the stem of a sunflower
The entrance to the Mailbox car park, Birmingham, UK
Camden Lock, north London, UK