Richmond Renegades

Unofficial page -- the Renegades are gone but not forgotten.

The original Richmond Renegades franchise played in the ECHL (at the time, ECHL stood for East Coast Hockey League, but now that the league extends as far as Alaska, it doesn't stand for anything) from 1990-2003. The team folded after the 2002-03 season due to increasing operating costs and low attendance. You can see the team's statistics and all-time roster on

Allan Harvie owned the team from 1990-1993. After the original Renegades folded, followed by the RiverDogs in 2006, he didn't want to see hockey in Richmond die. So in late April 2006, he announced that he would put an expansion Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) team, the Richmond Renegades, in the Richmond Coliseum for the 2006-07 season. The home opener was Oct. 28, part of a three-game winning streak to start the season.

The SPHL Renegades lasted for three seasons before folding, and the team played its last game on March 21, 2009.  A total of 89 players skated for the team.  Legendary coach John Brophy was the team's coach the first season, and Brian Goudie was coach for the last two seasons. 

The first web site I ever made was about the original Renegades and a few NHL teams (it was on the now-defunct Geocities). Then I created a newer version,, just for the Renegades. I no longer kid myself that I'll finish either site, but since the original site is long gone, I figure an incomplete site is better than none. I covered the team for Just Hockey magazine and the web site for the last several years, also. (Sadly, both publications are now defunct as well.) You can find some of my ECHL Renegades and all of my SPHL Renegades photos on, too. Sorry, due to licensing restrictions, ECHL, AHL, and NHL photos are not for sale, but Richmond Renegades and SPHL photos are available for sale.
pattiea's Renegades photosetpattiea's Renegades photoset

You can view selected Renegades photos on my flickr account (see link immediately above), but you can browse and purchase all of my available SPHL Renegades photos at my Fotki account, including photos of players, and photos from 2007-08 are in their own folder.