Written Records

How Beautiful Upon the Mountains: A Centennial History of Wasatch County -Biography of Grandfather McGuire and his family

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah-Short profile of Grandfather McGuire, including a photograph

P.H. McGuire 1907 Journal
-This is his journal he kept when he ventured back to Ireland after a 60 year absence to collect genealogy and visit his relatives. It also includes the genealogy found in his 1910-1911 journal.

Treasures of Pioneer History-Mention of Patrick "McQuire", his sawmill and the canyon (McGuire Hollow) named for him in Wasatch County.

Life Sketch of Ann Eliza Lee-Second wife of Patrick H. McGuire

Genealogical Survey -of Patrick H. McGuire


Patrick Henry McGuire's Death Certificate

Sarah Parcell McGuire Death Certificate

P.H. McGuire's federal land patent record 1895

Utah Gazetteer and Directory 1884-McGuire and Bigelow sawmill listed in Heber City's directory

Douro, Canada 1861 Census

1870 Wyoming Census-1870 Laramie Valley, Wyoming Census.

1880 Washington County Census

1900 Wasatch County Census

1910 Wasatch County Census

1920 Salt Lake County, Utah Census-Patrick H. McGuire recorded as "Lodger" while traveling in Salt Lake City.

Manifest of Alien Passengers, S.S. Republic. Saling from Liverpool, Oct. 1907

Passenger list of the S.S. Corsican, Nov 1911, Liverpool to Quebec

Manifest of Alien Passengers, S.S. Corsican, 1911

P.H. McGuire Passport Application 1910

McGuire Naturalization Record

Newspaper Articles

Wasatch Wave 1891-10-13

Wasatch Wave 1892-03-29

Wasatch Wave 1894-06-15

Salt Lake Semi-Weekly Tribune 1896-09-29

Deseret News 1898-11-26

Wasatch Wave 1907-02-22-P.H. McGuire ill from "grip"(influenza).

Wasatch Wave 1907-07-19

Wasatch Wave 1911-05-19-Letter from Bishop McGuire

Wasatch Wave 1911-11-24

Wasatch Wave 1911-12-01

Wasatch Wave 1912-09-27

Wasatch Wave 1915-01-08

Wasatch Wave 1915-11-26-Court Notes

Wasatch Wave 1921-06-24-P.H. McGuire's 77th birthday

Obituary of Patrick H. McGuire-From The Wasatch Wave, June 13, 1924


McGuire House in Washington City, UT -From the Washington County Historical Soceity Website

History of the Dublin Branch -P.H. McGuire mentioned in the entry of 24 Oct 1911.

Herding Sheep-Excerpt from Widdison Family history.

PHM Biography-From the BYU Library digital collection

Encyclopedic History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-History of Daniels section. BYU Library digital collection.

LDS Church Chronology-From May 10, 1903

Utah Cemetery Burials Database

Utah Gravestones

Utah Statistics Bureau Annual Report

U.S. Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections 1905

1880 U.S. Census-McGuire family in Washington County, Utah

Gravestone of Ann Eliza Lee -Second wife of P.H. McGuire


Photo Album 

Bernard Maguire -Father of Patrick H. McGuire

Patrick Maguire -Great Grandfather of Patrick Henry McGuire

Catherine McGuire Meagher   -Sister of Patrick H. McGuire

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