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The data in these files are freely available to members of this community. We expect members to inform the community of errors in the data or documentation and to provide fixes/improvements. Also, we strongly encourage members to contribute back to the community. When you supplement these data, e.g., by linking these files to additional sources, we encourage you to make the supplemental links available to the community on this site after your research is complete. We also encourage members to share information about novel uses of these data and to help out other users who have difficulty with the data. 

Stata versions (.dta) are version 9 files (larger files are zipped as indicated). ASCII versions are zipped, tab-delimited ASCII files

 File (Stata 9)  ASCII Version Description  User Documentation
 Company:patent matching
Corporate entity file matched to WRDS Compustat file
Dynamic match of patent assignee to corporate entity
 File of patent assignees, including name and unique assignee number (PDPASS)
 Assigned patents   

 All assigned patents patassg.txt

 Utility patents    
All utility patents w. citation data and assignee numbers (if assigned), one record per patent per assignee patn data description

All utility patents, one record per patent per IPC class 

  Citations data (not fully cleaned) data description
  Originality and generality measures