The Pascal Rol Foundation is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of ophthalmic technologies in the memory of Pascal Rol.

PRF supports activities at Ophthalmic Technologies, BiOS, SPIE

Pascal Rol Award 2019

Furu Zhang
School of Optometry,Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Tracking dynamics of photoreceptor disc shedding with adaptive optics OCT

Further finalists 2019
Kazuhiro Kurakawa
School of Optometry,Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Method to track and measure loss of inner retinal neurons in the living human eye.

Tingwei Zhang
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
University of California
Davis, California, USA
In vivo imaging of inner plexiform layer lamination with visible light.

Pascal Rol Lecture 2020

Cynthia Toth
Ophthalmology, Duke University School of Medicine
Duke University
Durham, NC, USA

Achievements and need for technologies to advance image-guided retinal surgery and the care of retinal diseases in children.

Pascal Rol Lecture 2019

Neil Lagali
Dept of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden

Need for technologies in advanced corneal research, diagnosis, and transplantation