The Pascal Rol Foundation is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of ophthalmic technologies in the memory of Pascal Rol.

PRF supports activities at Ophthalmic Technologies, BiOS, SPIE

Pascal Rol Award 2020

Ayoub Lassoued
School of Optometry,Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Measuring dysfunction of cone receptors in retinitis pigmentosa with phase-sensitive AO-OCT

Further finalists 2020
Somayyeh Soltanian-Zadeh
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Fully automatic quantification of individual ganglion cells from AO-OCT volumes via weakly supervised learning.

Kristen Hagan
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
Durham, North Carolina
Wavefront sensorless multimodal handheld adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope for in
vivo imaging of human retinal cones.

Mehdi Azimipour
Vision Science and Advanced Retinal Imaging Laboratory,
 Dept. of Ophthalmology and Vision Science,
UC Davis Eye Center
Sacramento, California, USA
Investigating the functional responses of human cones and rods with a combined adaptive optics SLO-OCT system

Pascal Rol Lecture 2020

Cynthia Toth
Ophthalmology, Duke University School of Medicine
Duke University
Durham, NC, USA

Achievements and need for technologies to advance image-guided retinal surgery and the care of retinal diseases in children.