Research topics, current projects and interests

My current research focuses on the theoretical and methodological foundations of Mesoeconomics.  I consider that the "mesoeconomic level" is relevant to identify collective action for changes in capitalism. 

How can economists setting light on the creative potential of the innovative niche markets inside capitalism?  Those niches can be defined as the situations in which actors (such as SMEs) create new conditions which can progressively become an instituted economy taking part to the institutional changes in an industry. I am focusing on "Global Value Chain" and "Global Production Network" literature in order to underline the capabilities of small firms to develop strategies to gain power within the mesoeconomic arenas that constitute GVCs and GPNs.  

Consequently, this research agenda has immediate applications for the understanding of institutional changes in capitalism at the age of the globalization.

My research agenda focus on two topics:

The nature and boundaries of the firms. I analyze the emergence of new form of firms in order to comprehend the relation between organizational innovations (namely: GVCs, GPNs) and capitalism changes. Two kinds of innovative firms are observed: 

The "collaborative economy" and the production of "intangible commons". Is the collaborative economy an instituting margin to limit job insecurity and to empower employees and/or citizens ?  I'm focusing on two field studies:  

This research is carried out within the LADYSS (SDAR)  laboratory. To reach my personal page you can click here

Full professor in Economics

Head of the Department of Economics

Université Paris Cité 

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