System Support for Emerging Non-Volatile Memory

The emergence of many non-volatile memory (NVM) techniques is poised to revolutionize main memory and storage systems, because of good scalability, low lifetime power consumption, and high performance of NVM.

NVM has a lot of implications on system designs: non-volatility and good performance of NVM allow us to merge main memory and storage as a single layer instead of two layers; non-volatility of NVM allows us to explore new persistent memory transactions and new fault tolerance solutions; good performance of NVM requires us re-examine the existing assumption on storage performance.

This research studies runtime, programming models, and system (OS and file system) support for emerging NVM. We particularly study the following problems: (1) Data placement in NVM-based heterogeneous memory system; (2) High performance and scalable persistent memory transactions; (3) Distributed persistent memory.

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