How to Play

Step 1. Buy an envelope of cards

Envelopes cost $5 and contain two cards for each of the five games played. The cards can be purchased from the following merchants and vendors; Five Islands Market, Crossroads Co-op, Ken's Grocery ,Parrsboro Legion Br. 45, Robbie George, Wright's Pharmacy, Two Islands Brewery, Dad's Country Store in Port Greville, or Advocate Rite Stop.

Step 2. Tune in Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.

You can play bingo from your home by watching our program on Eastlink Cable channel 5 or right here on the internet.

Step 3. Play the games with us

Don't worry if you have never played before. The caller will give the instructions for every game, indicating which colour cards to use and what constitutes a "bingo".

We play five games:

Game 1. Blue cards. Bingo is a straight line in any direction

Game 2. Orange cards. Bingo is the letter "X" (two crossing lines extending corner to corner), or a half "X". The game will be played until there are winners for both the "X" and the 1/2 "X"..

Game 3. Green cards. Bingo is either a "T" shape (all balls in the "N" column with a line across the top or a line across the bottom), or the four outside corners. The game will be played until there are winners for both the four corners and the letter "T".

Game 4. Yellow cards. Bingo is the inner square (the spaces surrounding the free space in the centre of the card)

Game 5. Pink cards. Bingo is for the bottom line, the top line, and for a full card. The game will be played until all three bingos are completed. A Jackpot prize will also be awarded if the full card is won before a pre-announced number of calls. The Jackpot initially is won on 50 calls or less. The maximum number of calls required for the Jackpot to be won increases each week by one if the Jackpot is not won.

There is a Cookie Jar number drawn every week. If the winning last call of a game (with the exception of the full card bingo on the final game) is the Cookie Jar number, the winner(s) of the game also win the amount in the Cookie Jar. The prize amount grows, based on sales, and can be as high as $15,000.

Step 4. Call in.

Call one of the numbers on your card envelope (254-2334 or 254-2232) if you think you have won a game. The Lion at the other end of the line will verify your card and determine if you are a potential winner. All apparent winners are deemed to be "potential" winners until 1/2 hour after the final game is played. At this time the official winners will be announced on air. Nova Scotia Gaming rules require this provision for media bingo games to protect people who may have won but have difficulty getting a call through right away.

Step 5. Collect your winnings.

Cheques for the official winners can be picked up at Ken's Grocery in Parrsboro and will be available starting one hour after the end of the official winners announcement.


The prizes are awarded as follows: $100 for single winners of the straight line, the full "X", the letter "T", and the inner square; $50 for single winners of the 1/2 "X", and the four corners; the Jackpot has a minimum payment of $1,000 and grows by $100 each week not won, and the full card consolation prize is $200 and awarded when the Jackpot is not won. A bingo won on the Cookie Jar number also pays the present value of the Cookie Jar. The dollar value of the Cookie Jar is equal to the number of bingo envelopes sold since that last Cookie Jar Prize was awarded. Multiple bingo winners of a single game will be awarded an equal split of the prize but will not be awarded less than $25.