Park Cursor Aside

Version 2.0.1
Dated 15 Jan 2011

Freeware, Portable
(c) 2010-2014 Anand K Gupta

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See Screen Shots for settings and tray icon images.

Description (of the application) :

Whenever you type on keyboard, the mouse cursor is automatically parked (moved) aside to a defined screen / active window position. This way your view of the input field is not blocked by the mouse cursor.

Right click on tray icon and select Settings, to define the parking position and other values.

Benefits (of using it) :

After you click on a input field and start typing, you will notice that the mouse cursor is blocking your view to the input field. You have to move the mouse to see the input field properly. Sometimes this creates irritation.

Further if you are reading a web page and using up/down keys to scroll the page. Now if the mouse cursor is somewhere on the middle of the page and a link happens to come near the it due to up/down movement of the page, some poup may open due to mouse over java script, which you did not intended and distract you. This again forces you to move the mouse cursor aside.

Park Cursor Aside does this all for you automatically.

Reviews (of the application) :

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Install and uninstall (on computer) :

To install, extract the zip file in a folder, say "Park Cursor Aside", and run the "Park Cursor Aside" exe.
To uninstall, right click on tray icon of "Park Cursor Aside" and select 'Exit'. Then delete all files in the "Park Cursor Aside" folder and remove the "Park Cursor Aside" folder.

To make this program start with Windows, please check below link for the steps to add shortcut of a program into the startup folder in more details, each accompanying with visual image.


Anti-Virus reports malware (what to do?) :

Delete the exe and it's folder. There is nothing we can do as this is false alert and we do not have resource to request all Anti-Virus companies to update their database. Similar problem is faced by small developers worldwide, check below links,
Nir's Blog
DowloadSquad's report 
You can see the last scan result of the exe from Virus Total web site and will find that major Anti-Virus report it as clean.

Similar applications (if any) :

Cursor Hider - shareware - http://www.softexe.com/cursorhider.html
Has more features but not freeware.

Contact (for feature request, bug report etc.) :

Go to Feedback page to check latest feature request and submit your feedback.

Freeware (why?) :

As a developer, we work for commercial ventures in our day jobs, and code something more personally interesting in our spare time. We get more pleasure in making the application, which in turn helps us in our day to day activity and may also benefit others. We use freeware software made by other developers, so we feel happy if we are able to make small contribution to this freeware community.

Hope you will find this software useful.