Writing and Editing

Total fees for most editorial projects are quoted in advance. These flat fees are guaranteed unless specifications for the project change significantly. In this way, you know the exact budget up front, rather than guessing at hourly rates and time estimates.

Projects require a 50 percent payment before they are initiated, with the remainder due upon completion. Long-term projects extending beyond 30 days require payment at the end of each 30-day period for work completed to date. A 10 percent discount on standard fees is offered for full payment at the start of the project.

E-mail: parkcrestcontent@gmail.com

Presentation Training

Flat fees for presentation training are quoted in advance, based on the number of individuals to be trained in each session. For large groups, a second consecutive day of training is quoted at a reduced fee.

Travel and related expenses are passed through at cost and invoiced in addition to fees.