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Complete Screen Replacement in Berkshire Lakes

Notice the I-beam cage construction.

Also notice the prorated roof panels.

These conditions would cause an inexperienced screen installer great difficulty.

Another view from inside the cage

With over 35 years of combined experience these challenges

are no problem for

Paradise Screen Repair

This home owner called me after her homewatch service notified her of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. These photos were taken so we could show her the damage and the repairs and she could then visit her Lely home with confidence that her pool area was intact and ready for enjoyment.

A large number of missing roof panels due to Hurricane Irma.

A lot of side panels missing as well.

The roof is all fixed

and so are all the side panels

A dead pine tree that was on the preserve section of property in Bucks Run fell through the front wall of this home owners pool cage. The damage was not a result of any hurricane, just a summer afternoon thunderstorm. We did do repairs on this home again after Hurricane Irma and our previous repairs did not fail, the cage was still in perfect condition except a few holes in the screen from flying debris.

Bucks Run

A tree had fallen through this cage in Bucks Run.

What damage?

Another very satisfied customer!

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