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About me:

I am a Reader in Large-Scale Information Management with the School of Computing at Newcastle University, with 20+ years experience in CS research, development, and research management.
I joined the School of Computing Science at Newcastle in 2011 after a career in industrial R&D (Bellcore, US) and a late start in academic life in Italy (Milano) and University of Manchester, School of Computer Science. 
My core expertise is on provenance management, workflow-based programming for e-science, Metadata analytics: Data science applied to metadata, with recent application areas in Genomics.
Projects and research interests detailed below. 
I am currently specifically studying techniques for efficiently managing the lifecycle of knowledge derived from computationally expensive analytics processes, in view of continuous  changes in the underlying data used for the analysis. See the ReComp project.
http://twitter.com/pMissier http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/paolo-missier/0/254/b4a  

Current and past funded projects

[Oct. 2015] PI, ReCompsustained value extraction from analytics by recurring, selective re-computation.  EPSRC funding £585,000, 2015-2018.

2013-2015: PI, Cloud-eGenomeimplementing efficient and cost-effective genomics data processing pipelines using workflow technology on the Cloud. Delivering the benefits of exome-based diagnosis to the clinical practice.  Funded by the NIHR / BRC Newcastle (£180,000), in collaboration with the Institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University.

More details in this talk (NGS Data Congress, London, June 2015)

Key publications:

Cala, Jacek, Eyad Marei, Yaobo Yu, Kenji Takeda, and Paolo Missier. “Scalable and Efficient Whole-Exome Data Processing Using Workflows on the Cloud.” Future Generation Computer Systems In press, Special Issue: Big Data in the Cloud (2016).

Missier, Paolo, Eldarina Wijaya, Ryan Kirby, and Michael Keogh. “SVI: A Simple Single-Nucleotide Human Variant Interpretation Tool for Clinical Use.” In Procs. 11th International Conference on Data Integration in the Life Sciences. Los Angeles, CA: Springer, 2015.

2012-2013PITrusted Dynamic Coalitions project, joint EPSRC/DSTL funding  (£100,000). Investigating abstraction in provenance. and provenance-based policies for information exchanges amongst partners with limited trust.

Key publication: Missier, Paolo, Jeremy Bryans, Carl Gamble, Vasa Curcin, and Roxana Danger. “ProvAbs: Model, Policy, and Tooling for Abstracting PROV Graphs.” In Procs. IPAW 2014 (Provenance and Annotations). Koln, Germany: Springer, 2014.

Broad research Interests and activities

My research gravitates around the over-arching notion of Metadata Analytics.

This interest stems from the observation that much insight can be gained not just from data, ie through what is known as Data Science, but from the application of analytics techniques to metadata.

[2015] Data Trajectories: a research agenda. See also my initial paper:

Missier, P., Data trajectories: tracking reuse of published data for transitive credit attribution. In Procs. 11th International Data Curation Conference, 2016. DCC 

Data Provenance:

See my publications (group by keyword) for a lot more provenance work

Data Analytics:
  • 2015: Twitter content analysis for the detection of Dengue outbreaks in Brasil.
1 year project funded by the Newton Fund, in collaboration with PUC-Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


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