Working Papers

Matching Frictions and Distorted Beliefs: Evidence from a Job Fair Experiment (with G. Abebe, S. Caria, M. Fafchamps, S. Franklin, F. Shilpi, and S. Quinn). Conditionally Accepted, Economic Journal.

Social Ties at Work and Effort Choice: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania (with M. Chegere and A. Menzel). Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Development Economics.

It's a Sure Win! Experimental evidence on overconfidence in betting behavior (with M. Chegere, M. Nieddu, L. Pandolfi, and  M. Stein).

Consumer Preferences for Migrant and Native Workers: Evidence from a Large-Scale Experiment (with M. Caselli).

Media Coverage: Politiken, Radio4 DK

For God, Family, and Country: The impact of moral reminders on dishonesty (with G. P. Lesseri, W. Ngasamiaku, R. D. Ruhinduka, and S. Zaccagni).

Strategic Reasoning and Perspective Taking (with M. Chegere and M. Fafchamps).

Published Articles

Skeptical employers: Experimental evidence on biased beliefs constraining firm growth (with S. Caria). Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

Labour Market Concentration, Wages and Job Security in Europe (with A. Bassanini, et al.). Accepted, Journal of Human Resources, 2024.

Inside the NBA Bubble: How Black Players Performed Better without Fans (with M. Caselli and B. Somekh). Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Population Economics, 2024.

When the Stadium Goes Silent: How Crowds Affect the Performance of Discriminated Groups (with M. Caselli and G. Mattera). Journal of Labor Economics, 2023.

Media Coverage: The New York Times, Wired, Weekendavisen, VoxEU, Lavoce

The Material Basis of Cooperation: How Scarcity Reduces Trusting Behavior (with G. Agneman, E. Joel, and O. Selejio). Economic Journal, 2022.

Your vote is (no) secret! How low voter density hurts anonymity and biases elections in Italy (with M. Caselli). Accepted, European Journal of Political Economy, 2022.

The path towards herd immunity: Predicting COVID-19 vaccination uptake through results from a stated choice study across six continents (with S. Hess, et al.). Social Science & Medicine, 2022.

Promoting social distancing in a pandemic: Beyond good intentions (with S. Zaccagni). PLOS ONE, 2021.

Media Coverage: Weekendavisen

Anonymity or Distance? Job Search and Labour Market Exclusion in a Growing African City (with G. Abebe, S. Caria, M. Fafchamps, S. Franklin, and S. Quinn). Review of Economic Studies, 2020.

Does the Risk of Poverty Reduce Happiness? (with S. Caria). Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2018.

Entrepreneurship versus joblessness: explaining the rise in self-employment (with L. Haywood). Journal of Development Economics, 2016.

Heterogeneity in subjective wellbeing: An application to occupational allocation in Africa. (with W. F. Maloney, B. Rijkers and M. Sarrias). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2015.

Does risk matter for occupational choices? Experimental evidence from an African labour market. Labour Economics, 2014.

The Returns to Formality and Informality in Urban Africa (with A. Kerr, N. Rankin, J. Sandefur and F. Teal). Labour Economics, 2011.

Books and Book Chapters

Job quality in emerging economies: A bird's eye view through the lens of the OECD Job Quality framework (with S. Cazes and B. Menyhert), in Oxford University Press Handbook of Job Quality, 2022.

Un breve panorama del empleo informal en las economías emergentes, in Informalidad: implicaciones legislativas y políticas públicas para reducirla. Instituto Belisario Domínguez, Mexico (with S. Cazes and B. Menyhert). 2018.

Working toward Better Pay: Earning Dynamics in Ghana and Tanzania (with A. Kerr, P. Paci and B. Rjikers), World Bank Publications, The World Bank, number 18553, April 2014.

OECD Publications

How technology and globalisation are transforming the labour market, in OECD Employment Outlook 2017, OECD Publishing, Paris. (with A. Salvatori)

Closing gender gaps in the labour markets of emerging economies: The unfinished job, in OECD Employment Outlook 2016, OECD Publishing, Paris.

OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies: Latvia 2016, OECD Publishing, Paris. (with H. Immervoll and J. Chaloff)

Enhancing job quality in emerging economies, in OECD Employment Outlook 2015, OECD Publishing, Paris. (with S. Cazes and B. Menyhert)

How good is your job? Measuring and assessing job quality, in OECD Employment Outlook 2014, OECD Publishing, Paris. (with A. Hijzen, A. Saint-Martin, H. Inanc, and B. Menyhert)

Other Publications

Il problema dell'Italia: passare dal Brain Drain al Brain Flow (with M. Di Simplicio, N. Tsevelekos and A. Zocco), Aspenia 58: La Forza delle Idee, Aspenia Online - Global Issues - October 2012.

Qui o si fa l'Europa o si muore (book chapter), Italia 110, Aug 2012.

Plundered Nations?: Successes and Failures in Natural Resource Extraction (assisted Prof. Paul Collier in drafting the chapter on Nigeria), 2011.

Fertile ground: boasting cocoa production among Ghanaian smallholders (with M. Eberhardt), CSAE Briefing Paper, No 01, 2009.