I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

My research uses experiments to study human behaviour. 

Most of my work aims to understand how we can improve the functioning of labour markets and remove obstacles for the most disadvantaged workers. 


Anonymity or Distance? Job Search and Labour Market Exclusion in a Growing African City (with G. Abebe, S. Caria, M. Fafchamps, S. Franklin, and S. Quinn). Review of Economic Studies. 

Matching Frictions and Distorted Beliefs: Evidence from a Job Fair Experiment (with G. Abebe, S. Caria, M. Fafchamps, S. Franklin, F. Shilpi, and S. Quinn). Revise & Resubmit, The Economic Journal. 

Skeptical employers: Experimental evidence on biased beliefs constraining firm growth (with S. Caria). Review of Economics and Statistics. 

The Material Basis of Cooperation: How Scarcity Reduces Trusting Behavior (with G. Agneman, E. Joel, and O. Selejio). The Economic Journal.

When the Stadium Goes Silent: How Crowds Affect the Performance of Discriminated Groups (with M. Caselli and G. Mattera). Journal of Labor Economics.

Entrepreneurship versus joblessness: explaining the rise in self-employment (with L. Haywood). Journal of Development Economics. 

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Twitter: @paofal