Welcome to Pandora's Lounge and Fix-it Shoppe

Pandora's Lounge and Fix-it Shoppe is a registered theme camp in the Burning Man Project.

Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, our camp claims members from as far as New Orleans, Austin, and Boulder. Now in its third year as a fix-it shop, Pandora's strives to help others become more self-sufficient on the playa by fixing and making usable what would otherwise become MOOP.

In 2011, our camp hosted workshops on fixing: mohawks, bikes, costumes, hangovers, and nuclear reactors. All week we provide tools and kits for fixing a variety of items, and we strongly encourage others to come prepared to fix their own stuff, though many of our camp mates may be able to provide guidance.

In fact, a couple of folks from ifixit.com (and the Make magazine blog) stopped by to check us out in 2010!
We share the ethics of fixing rather than throwing away, and were glad to get a chance to share our fix-it experiences on the playa with some serious fixing fans.

One of our top goals as a camp is to practice habits that limit our environmental impact, even with the majority of our members traveling close to 2000 miles each way. Click on any of the links below for details on how we make a camp of 40 people survive with a decreased carbon footprint for one week in the desert:

**To contact us about ideas about how to make YOUR camp green, or share ideas, please contact ChiChi at

or find us through our regional contacts -

We highly recommend Nikko's post covering how to LNT on the playa. Thanks, Nikko for citing us too! Go to: http://outlawdogooder.tumblr.com/post/7846916299/lnt-plan-burningman-2011

NEW FOR 2011: our camp was "100% green" on the MOOP map for the SIXTH year running!! Hooray for our camp members who took extra time to do careful MOOP sweeps of our camp area!!