Scholarly Books

Authored Books
  • The Human Search: Issues in Philosophical Anthropology.  Saarbruecken: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011.
  • The Bliss of Being Human: Science and Religion for Self-Realisation, Jnanam, 2004.
  • Dialogue as the Way of Life: Bede Griffiths’ Attempt at Integrating Religions, Cultures and Sciences, Kuruvilla Pandikattu, Mumbai: Zen Publications, 2001.
  • Religious Dialogue as Hermeneutics: Bede Griffiths’ Advaitic Approach (Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change Series Iiib, South Asia Vol 3). Washington: RVP, 2001. (US edition of Dialogue as Way of Life)
  •, Jnanam, Pune, 2001.
  • Meaning through Science and Religion, JDV, Pune: 2000.
  • Idols to Die, Symbols to Live: Dynamic Interaction between Language, Reality and the Divine. Intercultural Pub, New Delhi, 1999.
Edited Books
  • Committed to the Church and the Country Reflections on Christian Living in India in Honour of Professor Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ, Delhi: ISPCK, 2013. Edited with James Ponniah and Thomas Kuriacose
  • Lifting  up the Spirit, Uplifting the Body, Interfacing  Religion, Spirituality and Social Work in India, Pune: Samajdarshan Prakashan, 2013. Edited with Suresh Pathare.
    • An Indian Ending: Rediscovering the Grandeur of Indian Heritage for a Sustainable Future, New Delhi: Serials, 2013. Edited with Binoy Pichalakkattu.
    • The Dancing Peacock: Indian Insights into Religion and Development, Serials Pub, New Delhi, 2010. (ed with James Ponniah)
    • The Depth of Death  (ed), Serials Publications, New Delhi, 2010.
    • Dancing to Diversity: Science-Religion Dialogue in India  (ed), Serials Publications, New Delhi, 2008.
    • Postmodernity:  An Indian Appraisal (ed), Serials Publications, New Delhi, 2008.
    • Human Future: Transhumanism for Tomorrow, Dept of Theology, Kangnam University, Kyounggi-Do, Korea, 2008.
    • Reasons for Hope: Its Nature, Role and Future, (Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change Series IIIB, South Asia Vol 10).  Washington: RVP, 2005.
    • Gandhi, Ganga, Giriraj (associate editor with Lachman M. Khubchandani & Siddharth N. Bhatt, Navajivan Pub, Ahmedabad, 2004.
    • (ed.) Bend Without Fear: Hopes and Possibilities for an Indian Church: Essays in Honour of Professor Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ, ISPCK, 2003. Edited with Rosario Rocha.
    • (ed.) Religion, Society and Economy. Hg. von K. Pandikattu. Frankfurt u.a.: P. Lang, 2003. Edited with A. Vonach
    • (ed.) Dreams and Visions: New Horizons for an Indian Church: Essays in Honour of Professor Kurien Kunnumpuram SJ, JDV, 2002. Edited with Rosario Rocha 
    • (ed.) Human Longing and Fulfilment: East Encounters West, JDV, Pune, 2002 (with Josef Quitterer).
    • Gandhi: The Meaning of Mahatma for the Millennium (Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change Series Iiib, South Asia Vol 5).  Washington: RVP, 2001.
    • (ed.) The Meaning of the Mahatma for the Millennium, Maadhyam Book Services, New Delhi, 2000.

    Popular Books
    • Life as Love, Media House, New Delhi, 2005. (Revised edition of Promises of Love)
    • Death: Live it! Jnanam, & Media House, Pune & New Delhi: 2005.
    • Freedom to Free, Media House, New Delhi, 2004.
    • This too will Pass Away! The Scientific Explanation and Religious Experience of Time Based on Michael Ende’s Momo, Jnanam, Pune: 2003.
    • Promises of Love,  (with K. Suriano) Jnanam, Pune: 2003.
    • (ed.). Hopefully Yours… Jnanam, Pune, 2002 (CD).
    • Let Life Be, Jnanam, Pune, 2002 (CD).
    • Tamas (There Are Many Alternative Stories), World-Web-Life, Mumbai, 2002.
    • Promises of Life (with K. Suriano) Media House, Delhi, 2001.
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