Panama began acting in high school, performing in plays through out all four years and participated in neighborhood productions. After high school, Panama attended the University of Maryland where he majored in finance and minored in theater. In his free time, he co-hosted a radio show, was part of a break dancing team that performed at college event intermissions and was Entertainment Editor of the Black Explosion school newspaper. Several years after completing college, Panama decided to return to New York City and build a career in the arts.

Upon relocating back to New York City, he pursued theater, film and television. Panama Redd is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. His acting resume contains film, television and stage experience that he respects thoroughly because of its on-going power to create at a moments notice. He is inspired by actors Jeffrey Wright and Ed Norton. He commends the two actors for their passion and dedication to the craft.

He feels that society teaches, that the pursuit of financial stability brings happiness, when actually it’s the opposite. The pursuit of enjoyment produces financial stability, contributing to a stress free life. He adds that exercising physically and mentally and staying around positive people that put effort into changing their lives instead complaining about what needs to be changed, keeps you moving forward.

He believes Faith in God and the mastering of the craft will allow him the opportunity to deliver a message of positivity to the world.