Weekend Workshops

2023-2024 dates


9am-3pm at Palo Alto High School's Glass Studio, Room 105, 

50 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301


Open to the public, students and parents. Here's your chance to learn to blow glass in Palo Alto.  Yes, Palo Alto High School has a glass studio. Workshops do fill up fast, so, do not hesitate, sign up for a date. The 2 day weekend workshop will focus on beginning glass blowing techniques. It's an incredible, fun, hands-on experience.  Repeating students progress from their last session.

Advanced Sign up required. Class limit is 4. Teens and adults. $500 per student as of August 2023. Proceeds benefit the Palo Alto High School Fiery Arts.


Best is to book online  (online reservation) and fill the customer information (form)

You can also contact David Camner, founder of the Paly Fiery Arts Program. dcamner@pausd.org at (831) 239-4444