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When I bought my first Penguin 20 years ago I started this page to share and collect information about Penguins and their cousins the Beaver. All I ask is if you use anything from this page in an ad or article, please credit the source as you should do with any information reproduced. I have seen brochure scans, text copied and pasted and a photo of myself on other web pages and in for sale ads, usually with no credit given to the source. 

Kevin's Penguin and Beaver Page
Welcome to my page. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, know of any errors or omissions please E-Mail me.

Penguins in the Park 2018 ! (Added Nov 19, 2017)

 - 2018 is the 55th anniversary of Pengor opening the factory in Carleton Place. I will be displaying three Penguins (and a Beaver) at the Wheels on the Mississippi Car Show, June 24, 2018. Anyone interested in bringing a Penguin or Beaver to display are welcome. There is lots of room for our machines and I can reserve space large enough so we can display together. The Show in held in Riverside Park in Carleton Place, not far from the building Pengor used to occupy. I will add a link to the show below. If you think you might be able to make it, email me for any questions. 

 Description of the Beaver Updated, and new article added to Penguins in print. Sept 21, 2017

I recently discovered that the Beaver is actually 1" narrower than the Penguin, according to the information in their respective brochures so I have corrected my statement comparing the dimension of the two machines. I now have a copy of a column in Hot Rod Magazine that mentions the Penguin
Registry Updated 31 August, 2017

I have added Sam and his Penguin and Gary and his Beaver, finally ! I updated the machines listed for Scott from Orleans. 

Registry Updated 03 August, 2017

Robert and his Penguin have been added to the Registry. Robert's Father worked for Pengor !

Registry Updated Oct 25, 2016

Scott from Gloucester has moved to Orleans On., and purchased another Penguin

Penguin / Beaver Parts and Service Tips Has Been Updated Aug 12, 2016

The recent purchase of some NOS parts still in boxes has provided some part numbers for a few items.  
These parts numbers are listed on the above referenced page.

Registry Updated, July 31, 2016

Another Red and White Penguin has been added to the Registry under my name along with four engines. Three of the engines are "New", or "NOS" (New Old Stock). They have never been run or had oil in them since they left England 52 or so years ago. They were bought at the bankruptcy sale in 1965 and have been in storage since then. The fourth engine was in a Quarter Midget race car / Go Kart but it (the engine) was purchased at the Pengor bankruptcy sale in 1965. 

General Update, June 29, 2016

One owner and Penguin added.
 The Three Stooges video "Flatheads" and the film "Deux Femmes en Or" are on youtube and both have a Penguin in them as mentioned below. Search youtube and have a look - Warning - "Deux Femmes en Or" contains nudity.

News, May 22. 2016

Penguins are on Facebook ! I have created a Public Group on Facebook for Penguin and Beaver Owners. If you are on Facebook, search for "Penguin Amphibious ATV's". I started it as a place for Penguin and Beaver Owners to share pictures and ask and answer questions. I will try to add interesting stuff there too.

General Update, December 13, 2015

One owner and Penguin added to the Registry, small corrections and additions made to several pages to clarify points or make them easier to read.

General Update, March 2015 

The Siba wiring diagram has been updated to show how it is actually wired in a Penguin - the light indicating reverse has been corrected to show how it is wired to indicate neutral. Please note that this diagram shows the later "turn to the left for reverse" ignition switch, with 4 terminals. The earlier "push and turn to the right for reverse" switch is similar, but has 5 terminals. I will upload a diagram for it in the near future.
The Registry has been updated showing a new Penguin in B.C., and the list of Penguins and engines in Almonte has been updated. If you follow the link below for The Photos From the Kay Family Archives there have been pictures of a stretched 4 seater Penguin in Germany, added to the site.

Royal Penguin Update, January 2009

The question - "I wonder where the Penguin that was presented to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip ended up?", can now be answered. A recent query to Sandringham Estates in Norfolk UK has confirmed that the blue and white machine is in their care. It is not currently on public display, and no comments were made regarding any planned change in this status, or on it's current condition.

Royal Penguin in a music Video !

Google "Streetheart Under My Thumb" and go to the video titled "Streetheart Under My Thumb 1979 Queen Pics" and in the first 30 seconds there is a shot of a picture taken of the Royal Penguin Presentation. Thanks Otis for passing this infro along !

Latest Additions

May 2012 - New link to a site from Belguim for Amphibious Vehicles and under "Penguins in Print" a new item.

Three Stooges Penguin

I have located the footage of the Three Stooges driving a Penguin. You can find it on the web by going to Google.ca and searching "video" for "Stooges Flatheads". The Penguin is shown before and after the cartoon. The cartoon is available on DVD as part of a "Giant 600 Cartoon Collection", watch for it at department stores if you want a copy of your own. E-Mail me with the Subject "Stooges" for more information.

What I Know About the Penguin

Well for starters, they look like this ;

The Penguin is a 4 wheeled, two seater vehicle. It is amphibious. On land top speeds of up to 40 mph were claimed , and in the water 4 mph is its limit. It is two wheel drive and is powered by a two stroke gasoline engine driving the rear wheels through a 4-speed transmission. Water propulsion is provided by the rear wheels only.

It is 48" wide, 75" long, 30" high and weighs approximately 420 lbs.

The first Penguin was built in Toronto, Ontario sometime in 1962. In 1963 a small manufacturing plant was leased in Ottawa, Ontario by Pengor Ltd. and production began. In April, 1964 the Ottawa plant was forced to close down and production moved to Carleton Place, Ontario. In November of 1964 the company filed for bankruptcy, and in May, 1965 a sale was held to sell off complete machines, parts etc. The total number of machines built was approximately 800.

Penguins were built in various colours. They have fibreglass bodies that were either all yellow (top, bottom, seats, battery cover and engine cover), or white top and engine cover, with the bottom, seats and battery cover red, green or blue . The one shown above was originally white and red with white trim covering the seam between the body top and bottom. It appears that at least the top and bottom of the bodies and the seats were made by Polyfibre Ltd of Renfrew, Ontario.

Accessories available included : Windshield, Rear Cargo Rack, Seat Cushions in two styles ( one shown above), Cockpit Cover (also shown above), Skiis, Amphibious Trailer, Trailer Hitch, Tow Bar.

There were 3 different models built, tagged "A","B" and "D". The "A" was the first model built. It used "turf saver" style rear tires and cast aluminum paddles for water propulsion. The "B" models used Terra-Tread tires without paddles, heavier drive chains and the "D" model was heavier due to thicker fibreglass construction, and it was geared lower. There are slight variations in body design, but I am not sure if they are model specific. I have one Penguin with hand brake levers on the steering yoke which appear to be factory original, so that appears to have been an option as well.

Penguin Facts

Penguins are powered by a Villiers 2-stroke, 197cc engine with a 4-speed transmission, fan-cooling and a reversible Siba Dynastart (electric starter-generator). They do not have an actual reverse gear, but instead the engine runs backwards similar to Golf Carts and some snowmobiles. To go backwards you shut the engine off, push the centre of the ignition switch inward with the key, turn it to the right and restart the engine with the crankshaft turning in the reverse direction. On some later Penguins (and the Beaver) the key was turned to the left to start in reverse.

Penguins are two wheel drive and seat two side by side. Top speed on land is reportedly 25 - 40 mph depending on the model with water speed given as 4 mph. They have no suspension and the steering yoke swings right and left instead of rotating as a steering wheel would. The throttle is located in the centre of the steering yoke and can be operated by either thumb. There is a brake pedal on the floor, and a gear shift between the seats. The dash houses the ignition switch, head/tail light switch, horn button, neutral indicator light, generator light and the passenger grab handle. The choke control and clutch lever are mounted on the shift lever. From neutral, you pull the gear shift up for first gear, then push down for second, third and fourth. The engine is located behind the seats almost directly over the rear axle. There is no differential on the rear axle and on hard ground the Penguin has a large turning radius. In the water however, the Penguin will "turn on a dime". Carrying capacity on land is 600 lbs, in the water, 300 lbs max. The Penguin weighs approx 420 lbs empty.

Penguins were tested by the Canadian Military in 1964, I have a copy of the proposed tests, but not the results of the testing.

A blue and white Penguin complete with trailer was presented to Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth during a Royal Visit to Canada, in October, 1964. See the sidebar at left to see a picture of the interior of the Royal Blue machine.

What I know about the "Beaver"

Sometime after the Bankruptcy Auction at Pengor in Carleton Place, a somewhat similar vehicle called "The Beaver" was produced by Wheeler Mobile Ltd. of Keswick, Ontario. The one was pictured below had one owner before me, he purchased it as a demo model in 1967. This photo was taken by Bev Shoots as Lori and I left the 2005 Carleton Place Car Show.


If you don't look too closely at it from behind you could easily mistake it for a Penguin. I do not know how many were made, or when production started or stopped. I have seen a magazine article from 1970 that contains Beaver information, so I assume they were still being built at that time.

The Beaver has a fibreglass body slightly longer and 1" narrower than the Penguin. I have only seen one colour - red all over, but I am told they were also available in Green Metalflake. They used a Villiers engine like the Penguin, and you could choose from either a 197cc or 173cc model. The drive chain layout, brake system and rear axle assembly are almost identical to the Penguin, most of the parts are interchangeble. The steering / front axle layout is very different from the Penguin, as can be seen in the photos. They did use the same steering yoke and throttle lever, as well as brake pedal, headlights, taillight, dash layout, passenger and deck handle, and front and rear tires and rims. The Beaver I have does have a brake light and the Penguins do not. The ignition switch is turned to the right to start the engine in "forward" and to the left for "reverse". I do not know if there were different models of the Beaver produced, other than the 197cc and 173cc versions, I do know the body molding was changed slighty between 1967 and 1968. As far as available accessories go , the Beaver pictured above came with : storage cover, windshield, seat cushions, carpet, floor mats, amphibious trailer with storage cover, chrome trailer hitch, brake light and transport trailer. The amber reflectors and the rear deck stripe on the machine pictured above were added by the previous owner.

I welcome any comments and suggestions. If you now own one of these machines or did in the past, I would be very interested in hearing from you, your experiences with them, any you may have, etc. Please E-Mail me at "Kevin_Percy@hotmail.com"
Many Thanks to everyone who has provided information which appears on this page !

Penguins and Beavers In Print / On Film / In Music Videos

 The Penguin is mentioned in the "Rooster Tales" column on page 99, in Hot Rod Magazine, January 1965. It had been used by one of the staff photographers while he was covering boat races in California and he gave his opinion of the machine. Two pictures of the Penguin in use appear in the column.
A four seater Penguin has been spotted in a German Auto Magazine "Autobild-Klassik", the Feb 27 issue, page 9.Follow the link below to the Photos From the Kay Family Archives to take a look.

Royal Penguin in a music Video ! Google "Streetheart Under My Thumb" and go to the video titled "Streetheart Under My Thumb 1979 Queen Pics" and in the first 30 seconds there is a shot of a picture taken of the Royal Penguin Presentation

The Three Stooges can be seen driving a Penguin in a live short shown before and after one of their Cartoons. It can be found on the web (see above) or on DVD in a 600 cartoon collection, it is shown with the cartoon "Flatheads". This video is now on youtube.

There is an article on the Penguin in the January 1965 issue of Motor Trend, page 48.

There is an article on the Penguin in the October 1969 issue of Dappper magazine. See the sidebar at left to view the article.

There is a photo of the Presentation to the Royal Couple in Royal Canada by Trevor Hall, page 66, (check your nearest Used Book Store) there is also footage of the Presentation (approx. 15-20 sec.) on the Video The Queen in Canada 1964, available in VHS format (ID NO. 113B0164180) from The National Film Board of Canada.

There is an article on the Penguin in the February 1965 issue of Mechanix Illustrated , page 76.

The Beaver is mentioned in article in the August 1970 issue of Field and Stream , in an ATV's Buyers's Guide article. Click HERE to see the article on Route6x6.com

There is a Photo of a Penguin in an article on the Great Salt Lake in the August 1967 copy of National Geographic on Page 253

There is a brief appearance by a Yellow D model Penguin in the Movie Deux Femmes En Or (Two Women in Gold), a film shot around Montreal in 1970. The Penguin is shown in the first 5 minutes or so. Watch your TV Listings, this film is still shown late saturday nights. This movie is now on youtube.

A Penguin may have appeared in a "Mazda Wheels of Summer" commercial. The Penguin (?) was only in frame in the background for a second.

A Penguin is pictured on page 143 of the Summer 2007 edition of Intersection Magazine. Yours Truly is shown seated at the controls of an original 1964 D model made in Carleton Place.


www.wheelsonthemississippi.ca is held the last Sunday in June and I usually attend to display at least one Penguin, since they were made a few blocks away from this show.   
Amphibious Vehicles - Here is a page from Belgium with many useful links and resources.

Photos from the Kay Family Archives ! A peek inside the factory, some photos taken for use in brochures, newpaper articles starring the Penguin and the Parts List for the B and D models. Ed Kay was the president of Pengor. Thanks to the Kay family for sharing these !

The Source for Amphibious Vehicle Information. Interested in Amphibians in General ? Here is a site that has a listing of Military and Civilian units from all over the world.

Route6x6.com A very useful and helpful site containing information about AATV's from the '60's to present.

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