Welcome to the "PA Fuels for Schools and Communities" Archive!  
This page is the publicly-available repository of resources developed by the Pennsylvania Fuels for Schools and Communities working group.  

Click on the categories at the left side of this page to see what is available.  The documents are organized in five "folders": 
  •  Brochures, Fact Sheets, and Case Studies: these are documents that we typically print up and hand out at meetings, trade shows, and related events.  They are all posted on the fuels for schools public website.  
  • Informational Meeting Materials: these are all of the useful documents that we employ when we plan and carry out a public informational meeting.  Public meetings typically consist either of a half day workshop or a shorter evening meeting.  
  • Misc Files: these are the files that didn't fit into any of the other categories, such as bookkeeping files and other miscellaneous paperwork, including the blank form we use for carrying out "pre feasibility assessments" of potential biomass heat users.  
  • Presentations: these are the powerpoint presentations that we use for our informational meetings, as well as for a training session we ran on "how to carry out a pre feasibility assessment".  
  • Suppliers and Companies: these are lists of companies and individuals that supply biomass fuel, equipment, or services in Pennsylvania.  

If you have any questions about PA Fuels for Schools and Beyond, please visit our main website: www.pafuelsforschools.psu.edu/ or contact the interim working group chair, Mike Palko (mipalko@state.pa.us).  

If you are a member of the working group, and need access to post documents here, please contact Dan Ciolkosz at dec109@psu.edu