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The purpose of this web site is to provide a means of communications for Tuesday Paddle Group such as Paddling, Hiking and Camping primarily in the Central and Central West Coast areas of Florida.
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                       Week of Oct 16 th------Okefenokee 2016 Paddle Trip   

                    Tuesday---Oct 25 th--- Alexander Springs Run
                              Back to 9:00 AM Start.

                                ********* Note StartingTime Change **********                               

                                                                 9:00 AM

                                        Tuesday– Oct. 25 th----9:00 AM   

                                             ********* Note StartingTime Change **********                                                              

Meet at the Northeast side of CR445 Bridge.

Shuttle required. Please arrive in time ( no later than 8:45 AM) to unload and be ready to start shuttle at 9:00 AM 8:45 if everyone is ready.. . Best to arrive around 8:30 AM.  We will paddle up to the springs from the bridge and then downstream to the takeout about 7miles downstream. Approx. 8 miles total.

Bring lunch
, bug spray and usual gear.

Easy to Moderate, due to up stream paddle to spring, and poorly marked trail with low tree limbs.

Directions: Take CR 19 to CR 445. Turn East on CR 445. Continue on past the Main entrance for Alexander Springs to the bridge. See page 73 of the Gazetteer.

Paddle Distance:
Approx. 8 miles

Trip Info: 1.3 miles from bridge to spring, Bridge to lunch spot–4.6 miles, Lunch spot to take out– 0.6 miles, Total miles –7.84 or about 8 miles.