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Paddle Florida with the Tuesday Paddle Group

The purpose of this web site is to provide a means of communications for Tuesday Paddle Group such as Paddling, Hiking and Camping primarily in the Central and Central West Coast areas of Florida.
Posting Requirements
To post your Outdoor Adventures e-mail a brief description containing the critical details of your activity in a format that will allow easy  cut and paste to the web site.
E-mail Me:

                                                   9:00 AM

                                                   Tuesday– Sept 1 st ---9:00 A M  

                                                                     Juniper Springs

                                 ********* Note-- Back to our old Starting Time  9:00 AM**********

                                             *******  9:00 AM  ******9:00 AM **** 9:00 AM

Meet at canoe launch parking lot.

There is a park entry fee.

Bring lunch, bug spray and usual gear.


Shuttle required. Please arrive in time (no later than 8:45 AM, Gates open at 8:00 AM) to unload and be ready to start shuttle at 9 AM or 8:45 if everyone is ready..

Difficulty: Easy   

Distance: 7 miles

Directions: From Ocala take SR 40 East for about 22 miles to Juniper Springs. Look

for sign. Turn left (North side of road) into Juniper Springs Park. See page 72 of the Gazetteer

If you get to Hyw. 19 you have gone too far. Turn around and head West for 4 to 5 miles.