SCOUTING - A Great American Tradition
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Raingutter Regatta
Friday, May 18
6:00 p.m.
Seaside Elementary School 
4651 Sharynne Lane
Torrance, CA 90505

Have your boats ready to go!

Torrance Fire Department is having their yearly Open House at all stations on Saturday, May 12, 2018. The event is all day. This is not a Pack activity, just something your Scout might find interesting.


Andrew Sokolowski
Ph: (310) 755-5612

Dan Salazar 
Asst. Cubmaster
Ph: (310) 569-6176

Tanya Schulze




Signing up as a new member?

All adults need to complete Youth Protection Training. Simply follow this link & then follow the appropriate directions:
The training should take no longer than about 20-30 minutes. Once you have completed the course, please keep a copy of the certificate for future reference.
Health & Medical
We also need everyone to complete the following form:
Health Form

Its a good idea to complete the electronic version & save it as a pdf ... much easier for making any future changes! Please note, we do need a form for each Cub Scout & each adult.

Cub Scout Pack 586, Torrance, CA
Chartered through First Lutheran Church

You’ll want to be a kid again when you see how many awesome things our Cubs get to do, like...Go to a museum, a police or fire station, a sporting event, TV station, a concert or play; take a hike, play catch, learn about the flag, first aid, historical field trip, use tools to build something like a toolbox or scooter or Cubmobile, make a collection, learn how to cook, show your bicycling skills, create a new board game, help your church, use invisible ink, learn sign language, do a skit, make a kite or model plane/boat/car/etc., read a book, use stilts, throw a party, build and play a musical instrument, paint, learn which birds are which, take care of your pet, plant plants, tie knots, build a treasure hunt, go fishing, any sport you can think of, play video games, learn another language, build your muscles, and the list keeps going …


Scouting offers many opportunities for extra advancement and recognition:
And, if you already know how to do something, it will be even easier to get the achievement recognition for it! Electives in each rank, Hiking Program, World Conservation Award, Religious Awards, Academic & Sports Awards Program (Check out for complete lists of all advancement)

LION DEN - New for 2017!  This is an introduction into Scouting and is designed specifically for Kindergarten families.   

TIGER DEN - We will help the new Tigers & parents form the new den for the year.  Tigers have completed Kindergarten and work on a theme of Search, Discover, and Share

WOLF DEN – Wolves have completed 1st grade and receive their Wolf badge after completing 12 achievements throughout the year.

BEAR DEN – Bears have completed 2nd grade and receive their Bear badge after completing 12 achievements throughout the year.

WEBELOS-1 –  Webelos have completed 3rd grade and receive their Webelos badge after completing 20 activity pins throughout the year.

WEBELOS-2 – 2nd year Webelos have completed 4th grade and are working toward their Arrow of Light badge as they prepare to transition into a local Boy Scout troop.

We also have pack meetings once a month:
September – Welcome Back Pack Meeting & Info meeting for new joiners
October – Campfire & Overnight at Cabrillo Youth Center in San Pedro
November – Cub Scout Carnival
December – Christmas Party – Advancement awards and Christmas Carols
January – Pinewood Derby – build wooden cars that race on giant tracks
February – Blue & Gold Awards Banquet – presented by Webelos II den
March – Rocket Camp at Firestone Scout Reservation in Brea – rocket launching, bb gun range, archery range, slingshot range, ultimate frisbee – day camping or overnight
April – Egg Drop –build a capsule, save your egg from "scrambling" in a 100-foot drop
May – Raingutter Regatta – build and race balsawood boats down a water-filled trench
June – Junk Food Picnic – games for all! Also picnic and planning meeting for next year

And even more activities:
March – Scouting for Food
May – Armed Forces Parade, Memorial Day Flag Ceremony at Green Hills Memorial Park
July & August – day and overnight camping opportunities with Pack, District, and Council

All new Cub Scouts work to earn their Bobcat badge during their first month of Cub Scouts (regardless of age), which includes learning the Boy Scout Law and Oath, Cub Scout Sign, Handshake, Motto, Salute, the meaning of Webelos, and completing with your adult parent or guardian the booklet "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse."

The registration fee: $130 per year
(except for 5th grade – $75 for part-year, then move to Boy Scouts)

Our tradition is no mandatory pack-wide fundraising, since many kids are already involved in other school and sports-related fundraisers, however, we do participate in a fun mistletoe fundraiser in December that helps offset the costs of our Blue and Gold ceremony.  There is no minimum selling required and it is a fun Den event.  If you’re interested in helping with fundraising, membership, organization, etc., we need you on the Pack Committee!

Any boy currently in grades K-5
The den divisions are:

TIGER: Grade 1
-----------------------------WOLF: Grade 2
BEAR: Grade 3
WEBELOS I: Grade 4
(Webelos II transition to a local Boy Scout Troop)
Pack 586
Calendar 2017-2018

  First Pack Meeting
  Cabrillo Overnight 
  Singing @ Senior Center 5:30
  Carnival Pack Meeting @   Seaside
  Mistletoe Collection    
  Christmas Pack Meeting
January 2015
   Pinewood Derby
    Blue and Gold Ceremony 
  Scouting for Food   
  Special Event Pack Meeting
  Rocket Camp Session
    Egg Drop Pack Mtg
  Raingutter Regatta
  Torrance Armed Forces Parade                       Flag Placement @ Green Hills Cemetery
   Junk Food Picnic