Fishers Cub Scouts

A SCOUT IS THRIFTY. A Scout works to pay his way. He uses time, property, and natural resources wisely. It is important to learn how to conserve and re-purpose the many items we use every day to help our environment. We can also use our resources in innovative ways for fun and adventure.

Does Scouting Work?

The goal of scouting is to help young people succeed. Fishers Cub Scouts is fun for the family and does work.

Young Citizens

Dens Visit Local Fire Stations

Learning Safety

Fishers Police Officers Teach Safety

Competitive Creativity

Pinewood Derby Races

American families see value in the Scouting program, they state that it simply is “not for families like mine.” They know Scouting is great. They know it has tremendous impact on youth and communities. But for whatever reason, they don’t think it will work for them.

We strongly believe that Scouting can benefit all families, from all walks of life, and from all backgrounds. The videos below can be used for advertising purposes by councils and districts to demonstrate that Scouting truly is for “families like yours.” The videos feature powerful testimonials from a diverse selection of Scouting families and parents who speak to the way Scouting has benefited their children, their family, and their community.