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* = corresponding author


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· Manzano, P. (2018) Land Portal Discussion Report “Making Rangelands More Secure”, January 29th to February 14th, 2018. Land Portal Foundation, Groningen. Discussion report available in English (also available at the knowledge repository of  CGIAR), Spanish, French and Russian.

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This publication includes:
· Manzano, P.  Case study #6: Mobile and sedentary models of extensive livestock keeping compared along the Conquense Drove Road in Eastern Spain (pp. 110-114). Download.
· Henry, B.; Manzano, P. Case study #10: Land management for arid grazing in Botswana (pp. 127-129). Download.
· Manzano, P. Case study #12: Improvements of livestock disease management through enhanced beef supply chain hazard analysis procedures around Transfrontier Conservation Areas in Southern Africa (pp. 134-139). Download.

· Teillard, F.; Anton, A.; Dumont, B.; Finn; J.; Henry, B.; Maia de Souza, D.; Manzano, P.; Milà i Canals, Ll.; Phelps, C.; Said, M.Y.; Vijn, S.; White, S. (2016) A review of indicators and methods to assess biodiversity – application to livestock production at global scale. Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership. FAO, Rome, Italy. doi: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4125.9367 Download.

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· Manzano Baena, P. (2012) Chapters 2 (Dimensión internacional de la trashumanciaInternational dimensión of transhumance) and 8 (Servicios ambientales y culturales de la trashumancia: los servicios ecosistémicosEnvironmental and cultural services of transhumance: the ecosystem services). In: AA.VV. (2012) La Trashumancia en España. Libro Blanco (Transhumance in Spain. White Book). Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente (Spanish Ministry of Environment). Full book downloadable here

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Derived from this publication are the following briefs:
· Aboud, A.A.; Kisoyan, P.K.; Said, M.Y.; de Leeuw, J.; Notenbaert, A.; Davies, J.M.; Manzano, P.; Omondi, S.O.; Waithaka, M. (2012) Drylands Development, Pastoralism and Biodiversity Conservation in Eastern Africa. In: Gitau, J.W. (series ed.), ABCD series Policy brief no. 1. Asareca, Entebbe. Available at ILRI's, ASARECA's and IUCN's websites.
· Aboud, A.A.; Kisoyan, P.K.; Said, M.Y.; de Leeuw, J.; Notenbaert, A.; Davies, J.M.; Manzano, P.; Omondi, S.O.; Waithaka, M. (2012) Payment for wildlife conservation in the Maasai Mara Ecosystem. In: Gitau, J.W. (series ed.), ABCD series Policy brief no. 2. Asareca, Entebbe. Available at ILRI's, ASARECA's and IUCN's websites.

· Manzano Baena, P. (2009) Potential of Pramenka wool. BVCF-AECID, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. 10 p. Download Spanish version, download English version .

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· Casas Nogales, R. & Manzano Baena, P. (2007) Valoración económica del pastoralismo en España (Economic valuation of pastoralism in Spain). WISP-IUCN document. 40 pp. Download


· Manzano, P. (2019) ¿Es posible alimentar al mundo solo con ganado de pastoreo? (Is it possible to feed the world just through pastoralist livestock?). The Conversation edición en español, 20th August 2019 (full html here). Reproduced at,, Nueva Tribuna, Público and The Objective. Featured at Revue Sesame at INRA.

· Manzano Baena, P. (2019) Filantropía de fortunas privadas: críticas y oportunidades (Private fortune's philantrophy: criticisms and opportunities). Op-ed at Planeta Futuro, El País (Spain), digital edition, 14th August 2019 (full version here).

· Manzano, P., García Fernandez, A., Peco Vázquez, B., Azcárate, F.M., Seoane Pinilla, J., Iriondo Alegría, J.M. (2019) Así se ha convertido la trashumancia en una pieza fundamental de los ecosistemas (It is this way that transhumance has turn into a fundamental piece of ecosystems). The Conversation edición en español, 15th July 2019 (full html here).  Reproduced at

· Manzano, P. (2019) Ganadería extensiva, una opción sostenible también para el clima (Extensive livestock keeping, a sustainable option also for the climate). Ecologista 99, 10-13 (pdf version here, html version here). Reproduced at

· Manzano Baena, P. (2019) No culpen al pastoreo del cambio climático (Don't blame pastoralism for climate change). Op-ed at Planeta Futuro, El País (Spain), digital edition, 22nd February 2019. (full version here). Reproduced at Revista Nuevo Siglo

· Manzano Baena, P. (2018) Ropa agroecológica para proteger el mar (Agroecological clothing to protect the seas). Op-ed at, 19th December 2018. (full version here).

· Manzano, P. (2018) La ropa de montaña contamina el mar (Hiking clothing pollutes the seas). Ecologista 97, 24-26 (pdf version here, html version here).

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· Manzano Baena, P. (2018) El arroz dorado ataca de nuevo (o cómo matar moscas a cañonazos) (The golden rice hits back (or a sledgehammer to crack a nut)). Op-ed at, 8th February 2018. (full version here).

· Manzano Baena, P. (2016) Dejar de comprar comida ecológica es perjudicial para el planeta y para las personas (To stop buying organic food is damaging to the planet and to people). Op-ed at El Confidencial, 24th December 2016. (full version here).

· Manzano Baena, P. (2016) Transgénicos: el debate no era ese (GMOs: the right debate was not that one). Op-ed at El País (Spain), digital edition, 22nd July 2016. ISSN 0213-4608 (full version here). English translation by Guerrilla Translation: GMOs: what we got wrong.

· Manzano, P. (2016) Razas ganaderas autóctonas de Madrid. Una poderosa herramienta para la gestión del medio ambiente (Indigenous livestock breeds in Madrid. A powerful tool for environmental management). Madrid Ecologista 33, 3-4. ISSN 1696-3849 (full version here). Erratum: Reference 7 is not linked in the original. First picture's author is Javier Colmenarejo.

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· Enhancing food security in pastoral areas through pastoralism and mobility (October 2013)

· Food crisis in the Sahel in 2012: a Somali deja-vu? (April 2012)

· Missing the point in the Horn: Pastoralism is the answer, not the question (August 2011)

· Defying drought: nomads have the answer (August 2011)

· Women’s voices in pastoralist choices (October 2010)


· Manzano, P. (2019) Niveles de referencia en sistemas ganaderos: claves para identificar impactos (Baseline levels in livestock systems: keys to identify impacts). Blog de la RED REMEDIA. Red cientifica sobre mitigación de GEI en el sector agroforestal (Red Remedia's Blog, scientific network on GHG mitication in the agroforestry sector), Spain.

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· Manzano, P. (2011) Pushing hard for land rights. UNCCD CoP 10, Changwon, Korea.


· Oral presentation at INTIA event on extensive livestock keeping, talking about using baseline levels at measuring livestock's climatic impacts (26th September 2019).

· Interview on the positive outcomes of pastoralism at Onda Cero (Spain's third largest broadcaster) in the radio program "Más de uno" in its edition of 22nd August 2019 (from 4h35'40'' to 4h55'27'' - web article and podcast in Spanish with the interview's cut available here)

· Interview on the genetic consequences of transhumance on plant populations at Cadena Ser (Spain's largest broadcaster) in the radio program "Hoy por Hoy Cuenca" in its edition of 24th July 2019 (from 28'56'' to 38'15'' - web article and podcast in Spanish with the interview's cut available here)

· Interview on the genetic consequences of transhumance on plant populations at Onda Cero (Spain's third largest broadcaster) in the radio program "Aquí en la Onda" in its editon of 18th July 2019 (podcast in Spanish here, from 33'24 to 43'20'')

· Interview on the Great Green Wall at RNE (the Spanish national broadcaster) in the radio program "Entre Paréntesis" (
5th December 2017) (podcast in Spanish here)

· Participation in a debate on GMOs at RNE (the Spanish national broadcaster) in the radio program "El Canto del Grillo", section "En voz alta" (17th November 2017) (podcast here).

· Featured in MaraşNews (Turkey): Manzano: "Bitki çeşitliliği dondurmanın kalitesini artırır" (Manzano: "Plant diversity improves the quality of ice cream") (11th October 2017).

· Featured in El País (Spain) talking about paradigm change on pastoralism (14th August 2017).

· Interview as LEAP 2017 Chair, talking about Pro & Con Livestock Arguments From a Research Perspective (11th July 2017).

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· Presentation to USAID Natural Resources Management group (2013).

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· Posts by AgriLinks and associated interview with Moffatt Ngugi at YouTube (2013).


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