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Plasma physics involves complex interactions among charged particles and magnetic fields both self-generated and externally applied.
The multi-scale nature of plasma physics are responsible for numerous examples of intriguing phenomena both in laboratory and space.
Our group aims to develop a general research framework to challenge such phenomena, emphasizing (1) coherent understanding of complex phenomena in plasmas based on the fundamental plasma physics theories and (2) accurate observation of complex phenomena based on advanced and innovative diagnostics. 

Our group's research on high-temperature magnetized plasma includes (1) development of advanced plasma diagnostic tools, (2) hydrodynamics in magnetized plasmas with strong flows, (3) magnetic reconnection physics, and (4) topological interaction between magnetic vorticity (helicity) and kinetic fluid vorticity.
Another main branch of research on high-pressure (> 1 atm) plasma includes (1) source technology (in particular, based on microwave discharge), (2) development of a suite of diagnostic techniques based on laser scattering, microwave, and laser speckle imaging, (3) wave-particle interaction, (4) bio-medical and industrial applications.

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