S. Öykü Yurttaş                                                                                                                  

Assistant Professor of Mathematics                                                                                                                                                                
Department of Mathematics  
Faculty of Science, Dicle University,  21280, Diyarbakır  
(+90) 412-2488666- (3004) 
saadet (dot) yurttas (at) dicle (dot) edu (dot) tr                                                                                                                  Türkçe

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool in 2011; my supervisor was  Toby HallI visited Georgia Tech between  2014-2015  as  a  postdoc under the supervision of Dan Margalit. I have been an assistant professor of mathematics at Dicle University since 2012. Here is my CV.

  • Research Interests: Low dimensional topology, mapping class groups, topological dynamical systems; in particular dynamics of surface homeomorphisms and algorithms for multicurves on surfaces via global coordinates  such as train tracks, Dynnikov coordinates, Dehn-Thurston coordinates.

  • Papers:
  1. On the topological entropy of families of braids, w/Toby Hall, Topology and its Applications, 2009.
  2.  Geometric intersection of curves on punctured disksJournal of the Mathematical Society of Japan, 2013.       
  3.  Dynnikov and train track transition matrices of pseudo-Anosov braidsDiscrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-A, 2016.
  4. Counting  components of an integral laminationw/Toby Hall, Manuscripta Mathematica, 2017.
  5.  Integral laminations on non-orientable surfacesw/Mehmetcik Pamuk,  Turk J Math, 2017.       
  6.  Intersections of multicurves from Dynnikov coordinatesw/Toby Hall, Bulletin of Australian Mathematical Society, 2018.
  7. Applications of the Dynnikov coordinate system on the boundary of Teichmüller space (to appear in Teichmüller theory and its impact, Advanced Lectures in Mathematics).
  8. Geometric intersection of curves on non-orientable surfaces of small genus (submitted).
  9. Dynnikov koordinatları ve π1-train-track grafikleri, w/Umut Güngörür (accepted).
  10. Pseudo-Anosov örgüler icin çekici lineer bölgeler ve topolojik entropi, w/Arife Atay (under progress).
  11. Fast Nielsen-Thurston Classification, w/Dan Margalit and Strenner Balázs (under progress).

  • Selected Talks
  1. Topological Entropy of Families of Braids, University of Manchester,Magic Postgraduate Conference followed by regional LMS meeting, Manchester, England, January 2009.
  2. Nesin Mathematics Village,National Mathematics Symposium, August 2009.
  3. Dynnikov coordinates and pseudo-Anosov braids, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Women in Mathematics Meeting, University of Cambridge, April 2010.
  4. On the topological entropy of pseudo-Anosov braid families, University of Florida, Gainsville, December 2009 (Invited). 
  5.  Dynnikov Coordinates and pseudo-Anosov Braids, Conference for Young researchers in Maths, University of Cambridge, March 2010.
  6. Dynnikov Coordinates and pseudo-Anosov Braids, Warwick Mathematics Institute, May 2010 (invited).
  7. Dynnikov Coordinates and pseudo-Anosov Braids, Geometry and Arithmetic around Teichmuller Theory, Galatasaray University, November 2011.
  8. Study of pseudo-Anosov braids using Dynnikov’s coordinates, Bogazici University Seminar, December 2011 (Invited).
  9. Dynnikov coordinates and pseudo-Anosov braids, Koc University Seminar, December 2011 (Invited).
  10. Dynnikov matrices and pseudo-Anosov braids, Universit´e de Strasbourg, Topology and Geometry Seminar, Strasbourg, June 2012 (Invited). 
  11. Dynamics of pseudo-Anosov braids and Dynnikov matrices, GAAGTA, Kunming University of Science and Technology, China, July 2012 (Invited).
  12. 26.National Mathematics Conference, Dicle University, September 2013.
  13. Geometric intersection of curves on punctured disks, Japanase Turkish Joint Geometry Meeting, Galatasaray University,  November 2013 (Invited).
  14. Pseudo-Anosov braids and Dynnikov coordinates I and II, METU, March, 2014.
  15. Dynnikov Coordinates, Geometry &Topology Seminar, Georgia Tech, August, 2014.
  16. Dynnikov and train track transition matrices of pseudo-Anosov braids, Geometry &Topology Seminar, University of Wisconsin–Madison, December, 2014 (Invited).
  17. Computations in the mapping class group via global coordinates, Geometry &Topology Seminar, University of Georgia, Athens, March, 2015 (Invited).
  18. Computations in the mapping class group via global coordinates, Special Session of Geometric Group Theory and Topology, AMS meeting, Huntsville, March 2015 (Invited).
  19. Computations in the mapping class group via global coordinates, Geometry &Topology Seminar, University of Florida, Gainesville, April 2015 (Invited).
  20. Counting components of an integral lamination, Geometric Topology Seminar, Columbia University, New York, April 2016 (Invited).
  21. Bir integral laminasyonun baglantili parcalarini saymak, AMG2017, Hacettepe Universitesi, Ankara, May 2017.
  22. Counting components of an integral lamination, CMCII, Van, August 2017.
  23. Geometry of Teichmüller  space and mapping class groups, Warwick, UK, April, 2018  (Invited).
  24. Teichmüller dynamics, mapping class groups and applications, Grenoble, France, June 2018 (Invited).
  25. Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics: Rokhlin – 100, Euler Mathematical Institute, Saint Petersburg, August 19–23, 2019.
  26. Algorithms in Complex Dynamics and Mapping Class Groups, November 2 - 3, 2019.

  • Teaching:  Past and current teaching outline can be found here. 

  • Students:
  1. Umut Güngörür (MSc, 2017-2019)
  2. Alev Meral (PhD, 2019)

  • Projects:  
  1. TUBITAK 3001, Yonlendirilemeyen yuzeylerde egrilerin geometrik kesisim sayisi (Principal Investigator)
  2. DUBAP, Train track grafikleri ve orgulerin topolojik entropisi (Principal Investigator)

    • Other: 
    1. I was the scientific coordinator of  IMAGINARY in Diyarbakir between Nov 9th-Nov24th 2015.
    2. I am in the organizing committee of the 5th Workshop of Association of Turkish Women in Maths.
    3. Here is my  MATHEMATICAL LINEAGE.
    4. Translation of  ''Introduction to Metric and Topological spaces'' by Wilson A. Sutherland.