OverSim Demystified

This e-book is still being written.

OverSim is a powerful and rich Peer-to-Peer (P2P) simulation platform based on OMNet++. Unfortunately, the lack of detailed documentation, combined with the relatively steep learning curve to run a simple simulation turns away many developers and researches. I am sure most of you have spent many days or even weeks trying to decode how the tool works, where you were initially expecting to spend only a few hours or days. It took me many days just to get hold of the key elements of the tool, though it is supposed to be yet another simulator.

The goal of "OverSim Demystified" is to share our own experiences and understanding of the tool to simplify the learning curve and enable everyone to benefit from OverSim. You are encouraged to comment, add, and edit content so that this e-book evolves as a complete user guide to OverSim. We are happy to give due credit to significant contributions and urge particularly the OverSim developers to provide their feedback.

We will try to respond to your questions when possible. However, we may only be able to answer questions related to protocols and applications that we have knowledge of.

We always try to make the content accurate to the best of our knowledge and ability, but we are not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences that the use of correct or incorrect content may have. You feedback can always make it better.

- Dilum Bandara (author) and John Gilmore (co-author)