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Lab pictures

Mar 2017: Tory Worth wins second place in the PGSA poster contest, undergrad division!

Oct 2016: Lab staff, fall 2016

2014: Miss Jojo is technically not a member of our lab, but she is featured
in an Afro-pop music video describing our study of the efficacy of bio-fortified beans on the iron status of women in Rwanda.

 15 May 2011: Dr. Rebecca Von Der Heide (left) and Dr. Jennifer Bittner (right), PSU graduation.
Rebecca Von Der Heide (PhD., Penn State), visiting the shrine to the Great One (Von Helmholtz), in Berlin.

Oct 2015: Lab staff, fall 2015.

Fall, 2012: Lab staff just after being told that iron deficiency is the single most prevalent micronutrient deficiency in the world.


Summer, 2010: The iridescent and irradiated Graham Holt (EGI), once and future Man of the Chicken Hat, with cable.

Sept 1988: thankfully, eyewear has evolved.