OTWorkplace provides an environment for interactive research in OT, built on Excel.

- It implements the analytical tools of modern rigorous Optimality Theory, including Harmonic Serialism.

- Requires Windows, any version, and Excel, any version. Runs smoothly in Windows emulators on Mac.

- Installer package is large at 75MB and may require a short wait.

Getting OTWorkplace

The Installer Package contains everything else that's required. Unzip and follow the directions in the Readme file.

Using OTWorkplace

Documentation includes the Quick Start Guide and other useful information about OT and OTWorkplace.


The current versions of otwpl.xlsm and RUBOT can be installed over previous versions.

OTWorkplace Authors

Alan Prince, Nazarré Merchant, and Bruce Tesar with additions by Luca Iacoponi and Natalie DelBusso. Maintained by Prince and Merchant.

Website Design & Maintenance

DelBusso, Merchant, Prince.


Send queries to otworkplace [at] gmail [dot] com.