Welcome to OT Signals

The OT Signals trading system is a complete, user-friendly and intuitive stock charting and technical analysis system that is accessible from any internet device and browser. OT Signals gives you access to live, real-time US stock and ETF data.

Our mission in designing OT Signals is to clearly and unambiguously answer all your critical trading questions such as:

1. Is this stock, index or currency pair a buy, sell or hold?

2. Is the trend up, down or sideways?

3. Is the trend about to end?

4. When should I enter or exit my trades and at what levels?

5. Does Seasonality favor long or short trades ?

For a more detailed guide to the OT Signals’ proprietary indicators, please visit our Indicator Page.

An article describing the app in more detail can be found here.

For a Seasonality discussion, please refer to the Seasonality page.

To activate your 10 day free trial please go to Login and select Subscribe. Make sure to include a valid e-mail address and allow up to 24 hours for the login and password to be emailed. Check your spam filters and folders so you don't miss our message.

Those who wish to experience the best of our indicators on the TradingView platform, please follow this link.

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OT Signals is the newest addition to our OddsTrader App family.