Route Overview


This route starts and ends in Naperville, IL. After heading NW through Fermilab and Batavia, the route heads SW towards Ottawa with sections along the north side of the Fox River. From Ottawa the return is generally towards the NE with sections along the south side of the Fox River. The roads are mostly low traffic rural roads, with some low-traffic suburban roads around Naperville. The route has a few sections of rolling hills, but nothing you need your lowest gears for - except for one hill after crossing the Fox River on the way to Ottawa.

There are a variety of places to grab lunch in Ottawa: Jimmy Johns, Subway, Wendy's McDonalds. Jimmy Johns is very good, their sandwiches are large, and their pop machine also dispenses water. If I can't eat the whole sandwich, I stop in Sheridan to finish it (the BP has inside and outside seating) or there are a couple of places to stop on the outskirts of town.

The ride start/end is less than a mile from the Naperville Metra station.