Professor II, University of Oslo 

Recent Working Paper
Hensvik L and ON Skans (2020) "The Skill-Specific Impact of Past and Projected Occupational Decline" IZA Discussion Paper 12931
[The paper shows how technical change alters the demand for different types of cognitive abilities and productive traits.]
Just accepted
Lundin M, ON Skans and P Zetterberg (2019) "Leadership Experiences, Labor Market Entry, and Early Career Trajectories"Journal of Human Resources 
[The paper estimates the causal effects of being elected into Swedish student union councils on subsequent labor market careers. Earlier version: IZA DP 11434]

New in Print
Hensvik L, P Fredriksson and ON Skans (2018) "Mismatch of Talent - Evidence on Match Quality, Entry Wages and Job MobilityAmerican Economic Review Vol. 108, No. 11 (Nov), pp. 3303-38.00 
[The paper derives a direct measure of the quality of matches between workers' skill-sets and job-specific skill-requirements and relates match quality to mobility and wage trajectories of new hires.]

Björklund M, M Carlsson and ON Skans (2019) "Fixed Wage Contracts and Monetary Non-Neutrality", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, vol. 11( 2) pp. 171-92 
[The paper estimates how the impact of monetary policy shocks change during periods when collective agreements are renegotiated.]


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