Oscar Erixson

Ph.D.                                                                                      Email: oscar.erixson@nek.uu.se 
Assistant professor                                                                  Phone: +46(0)704 676 110
Uppsala University                                                                    CV

Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies (UCFS), Department of Economics, Uppsala University                                                                 

Primary fields: Public Economics, Health Economics

Secondary field: Behavioral economics

I recieved my PhD in economics from Uppsala University in December 2013 and I am currently researher and teacher at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University. I am an empirical researcher with a special interest in intergenerational transfers. In my PhD thesis I exploited the repeal of the inheritance tax to estimate the causal effect of inheritance on health. I also investigated the relative importance of different bequest motives, the impact of inheritance on labor supply and savings, as well as the interplay between rationality and social norms under extreme stress. Since graduation my research has primarily focused on the interaction between bequest behavior and inheritance law, wealth inequality and tax avoidance. I have published in leading scientific journals, field economics journals and popular science journals and my  research has been covered in many of the most notable international news media outlets. 

Peer reviewed publications

"The impact of inheritances on heirs’ labor and capital income" (with Mikael Elinder and Henry Ohlsson), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (Contributions) 12(1): article 61 (2012) 

    Media: Dagens Industri, Dagens Nyheter

"Gender, social norms, and survival in maritime disasters" (with Mikael Elinder), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109(33): 13220-13224 (2012)

"Health responses to a wealth shock: Evidence from a Swedish tax reformJournal of Population Economics, vol. 30, iss. 4, pp. 1281-1336.

"Inheritance and wealth inequality: Evidence from population registers" (with Mikael Elinder and Daniel Waldenström) Journal of Public Economics, vol. 165, pp. 17-30. 

"Equal sharing, exchange motives, and Cinderella effects"  (with Henry Ohlsson) Journal of Population Economics, forthcoming.

Unpublished working papers

Estates, Bequests and Inheritances in Sweden. Alook into the Belinda databases” (with Mikael Elinder, Sebastian Escobar, Henry Ohlsson)

"Inheritance tax planning at the end of life" (with Sebastian Escobar) R&R in Journal of Public Economics.

Other publications

"Mindre arbete, högre inkomster - arvingens lott(with Mikael Elinder and Henry Ohlsson), Ekonomisk Debatt 39(4): 70-78 (2012)

"Rädde sig den som kan!(with Mikael Elinder), Ekonomisk Debatt 40(7): 26-35 (2012)

Förmögenhet – mina pengar eller släktens?” (with Henry Ohlsson), Ekonomisk Debatt, No 2. 2015, Vol. 43 

"Arvens betydelse för förmögenhetsfördelningen(with Mikael Elinder and Daniel Waldenström), Ekonomisk Debatt, No 1. 2017, Vol. 45