Open Site Builder Tools is a project that provides you with free software intended to facilitate your life as a professional web site developer. Currently available tools include:

  • open site builder

    • site pages assembler. Merges content pages into a predefined template and produces target site by only replacing changed documents. Now includes sitemap generator

  • osb log analyzer

    • scans osb logs and displays list of modified files day by day, version by version. Each day activity is divided by project version and each version displays modified files sorted in descending order by the number of times the file was modified. So you can simply review development activity in each project version and know which files were most active

  • osb ftp uploader

    • uploads site pages from your development machine to the production server. Only the newer documents are uploaded. It also shows you the files on your target server that are missing in your development environment. This facilitates you the task of tracking moved / deleted files


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