Briallen ha’n Alyon

Ny hwarva tra vyth dhe les bythkweth y’n wig gosel henwys Treskwithus ... bys dhe vetya Briallen gans estren koynt y’n gegin, hag o dalleth aneth anwaytyes!

Nothing interesting ever happened in the quiet village called Treskwithus ... until Briallen met an unusual stranger in the kitchen, which was the start of an unexpected adventure!

Kudhlen Briallen ha'n Alyon

Ors Sempel is proud to present its first publication, a bilingual illustrated story for children, featuring a broken-down spaceship, a well-informed alien, and an incredible journey for a bored little girl. Briallen ha’n Alyon (Briallen and the Alien) by Steve Harris is an original story with matching Cornish and English text on facing pages. The Cornish is written in the Standard Written Form, so is suitable for use by all.

Sample pages

Briallen ha’n Alyon by Steve Harris is published by Ors Sempel in A5 format, 48pp. ISBN 978-0-9930764-0-4

Purchasing: Briallen ha’n Alyon (Briallen and the Alien) is available from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek for £7 including £2 p+p.