Ors Sempel is a publisher for Cornish-language and bilingual books, based in the heart of Cornwall. 

We aim to produce attractive printed books and e-books which will appeal to Cornish speakers at all levels of fluency, accompanied by on-line audio files whenever possible.

The Cornish History Notebook

Ors Sempel and An Kylgh Kernewek are pleased to announce the publication of The Cornish History Notebook by Dee Harris.  Primarily written for students studying for the fourth grade of Kesva an Taves Kernewek exams, The Cornish History Notebook covers 2,000 years of the Cornish language and contains space for notes throughout.

The Cornish History Notebook cover

SWF Dictionary

Ors Sempel and An Kylgh Kernewek are pleased to announce their joint publication of the first printed dictionary in the Standard Written Form. A Learners' Cornish Dictionary contains not only Cornish-English and English-Cornish word lists, but also useful verbs, prepositions for first and second grade exams, example sentences and a list of resources available in the Standard Written Form.

Weather forecast in Cornish

You can now read the weather in Cornish at cornish-weather.appspot.com!

A language that's out of this world!

Cornish has now received the support of NASA as the team running the HiRISE camera on board the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter have a section of their website in the language. The BeautifulMars project supports minority languages across the world, now including Cornish! The main website is here, the Tumblr feed is here, and Twitter feed is here.

Holyer an Gof 2015 Award

Ors Sempel was very proud to receive the Holyer an Gof 2015 award in the category "Books for Children in Cornish" for its first publication, Briallen ha’n Alyon (Briallen and the Alien) by Steve Harris. The awards were presented in Truro at a ceremony hosted by Waterstone's bookshop.

Online verb tables!

Now available on Ors Sempel: Verbow Warlinenn, an interactive online verb conjugator! This currently supports about 94% of verbs and is under active development.

Our first publication

Elyan the alien

Dydh da! Elyan an alyon ov vy!

Meet the star of our first publication, 
Briallen ha’n Alyon (Briallen and the Alien) by Steve Harris, available now!

Click here for more details.

Free download!

SWF Alphabet

Our latest free download is a pictorial alphabet in SWF. Download it here and listen to the accompanying audio file!