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 I am Henrik Orsai, was born in Budapest in 1963. I’ve spent a lot of time studying and restoring ancient samurai swords.
 I make modern samurai swords that are used as practice weapons in martial arts. The blades are own produces from 55SI7 spring steel and  hardened to a 50-55 Hrc level. I use hard wood for the handle and the scabbard. The metal accessories are made of brass, copper and  bronze. I usually use synthetic varnish and usually finish monochrome wood grained or negoro in red and black. The lenght of the blades is  730-750 mm with short point. The curvature is 1-2,5 cm. The tang always goes all along in the handle. I am standing for simple and stylish  swords with great weight distribution that can be perfectly used in practice.
 My works are well known in USA, Canada, France, Poland, Austria, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
 Take your time and enjoy my photos!


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