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John's Garage Doors is here to help our friends and neighbors in Oro Valley with any and all garage door problems, from broken springs to faulty openers.  Being local to NW Tucson and Oro Valley, we are very quick to respond to your needs in this part of town, though we do cover all of Tucson.  

Because we're here to help, we thought we would share some Q&A style information that our customers have asked about.  If you can't find your problem/solution here, don't hesitate to call us!  We'll be glad to help.

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Garage Door Won't Close - Wondering What to Do

I just got my garage door fixed so it will open, but now it won't close! The door closes a little bit, then it backs up and the light flashes. I had to hold the main switch in order for it to close. I checked the sensors and both have lights on them. Not really sure what the problem is. The opener is from craftsman and the garage door is made of wood and for a two car garage

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It appears that the sensors at the bottom of the door tracks are not exactly lined up. They must point at each other perfectly or the door will do what your door is doing. With a door as wide as yours it may be difficult for you to align them on your own. Once you get them lined up make sure that nothing can knock into the sensors to move them.

Replacing Broken Garage Door Springs

I Lost My Garage Door Opener - What Now?

I live in a condo and my garage is not attached , I bought a universal garage door opener but it didn't work because the door is closed. I don't know what to do , help please

Well... if it's a older garage door opener, you may be able to change your universal opener to the same code. If you can remember the original code you had. If it is a newer digital opener, you will be out of luck.

If this is the only way into the garage, you may just have to force the door open. If you can force the door open just enough to crawl under the door. I would release the pressure and then pull the release lever to actually open the door. This will then give you access to receiver. This may destroy your garage door opener and possibly the door, but maybe you can get away with it.

I had a friend that had her opener attached to her visor and with the window open... swung her visor towards the side window to block the sun... flipped her garage door opener out the window.

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Sears Automatic Garage Door Open Will Close But Not Open

I have disconnected the chain and am working only with the motor itself at this point. The motor will operate in only one direction, but will turn by hand in the other without binding. I also ruled out sensors and up/down force adjustments. (Actually it is so old that it did not require the optional sensors.) This appears to be an issue with whatever mechanism starts the motor in the opposite direction. It does appear to have any mechanical issues that prevent this so I am thinking some sort of solenoid or something. I also burnished the little relay contacts to no avail. Sears/craftsman model 139.53513 anybody have any thoughts? ( Besides buy a new one ; )

Viewed from above, closing should be CW and opening should be CCW of the sprocket. If you are good at visualization if you start the motor going down and short #'s 1 and 2 again the sprocket should stop CW rotation and start CCW rotation back up . If you short 3's 1 and 2 and the motor is pulling the door up shorting 1 and 2 should stop the motor. The next short of 1 and 2 should send the door down (CW rotation). Please let me know what happened. I get very little feedback.

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Garage Door Won't Close. Can Anyone Help?

My garage door system, genie chain glide, opened normally for a while, until now. It will not close, but can go back up. If I use the emergency lever thing, manually close it, and then press the button to make it go back up, it works. But then after it goes all the way up, it won't go back down and just stops. I've tried fixing the sensors, but no blinking lights coming from them (only when I move my hand in front of them) , appearing as though they are fine. Any suggestions?

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First disconnect your door from the motor operator and run it the full open and close by hand. The door should clear the header when in the full open position and balance half way open and closed. As long as your door operates smoothly in the manual position you may want to increase the up/down force on the back of your motor operator. (The unit connected to the door) When making adjustments the slightest movement can make a big difference, so beware. The torsion springs over your door may have lost sensitivity over the years, causing the door to be harder to open/close. A garage door operator is only designed to open and close an object, and is NOT designed to carry any of the weight of your door. Do NOT try adjusting the springs yourself, they are the most dangerous part on your door. But, you can also try lubricating all your hinges, rollers, and moving parts, in order to sustain a smooth operation. Be careful not to spray lubricant directly into the track, because this can cause dust to collect and your door may come off track. A lot of people do not know that your owner's manual recommends service by a trained professional every six months. Your garage door is the largest moving appliance in your household, but often times the most neglected. If you have a technician some out they can and should go over how to properly maintain the door yourself.

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Greasing Garage Door Worm Drive

After greasing the garage door work drive it came open only 1/2 way then no more than 1'. Used a teflon grease and did not overdo the greasing as far as I know. Greased door because it was loud now it's very quiet.

First make sure your door opens properly by hand to ensure that you don't have a broken spring. Greasing the unit won't cause this. If the door opens and closes OK (manually), then make sure the carriage is fully engaged in the screw drive. Hit the button to open the door and listen and watch the carriage to see if it's skipping. If it is, then the carriage has stripped teeth, and needs to be replaced.
I'm leaning more towards a broken spring. Also, if you operate the opener with a broken spring, it can shear the teeth off the carriage, so you may have two problems to have repaired.

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