Oren Ben-Bassat

I am a senior lecturer with tenure at the University of Haifa. Previously to that, I was in the same position but on leave sponsored by a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for Career Development from the European Commission at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford.  

Link to my papers on the arXiv (including those submitted or accepted for publication). 

My articles from journal websites or from the arxiv if not yet published:

(1) Bounded linear endomorphisms of rigid analytic functions, to appear in Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, joint with Konstantin Ardakov.

(2) Perversely categorified Lagrangian correspondences, joint with Lino Amorim. Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 21, No. 2 (2017).

(3) Stein domains in Banach algebraic geometry, joint with Federico Bambozzi and Kobi Kremnizer.

(4) Non-Archimedean analytic geometry as relative algebraic geometry, joint with Kobi Kremnizer. Annales de la faculté des sciences de Toulouse Sér. 6, 26, 1  (2017).

(5) Dagger geometry as Banach algebraic geometry, joint with Federico Bambozzi, Journal of Number Theory 162 (2016).

(6) A ‘Darboux theorem’ for shifted symplectic structures on derived Artin stacks, with applications, joint with Chris Brav, Vittoria Bussi, and Dominic Joyce, Geometry & Topology 19, 3 (2015). 

(7) Multiple derived Lagrangian intersections, Contemporary Mathematics 643 (2015).

(8) Moduli Stacks of Bundles on Local Surfaces, joint with Elizabeth Gasparim, Springer UMI (2014).  

(9) Milnor descent for cohesive dg-categories, joint with Jonathan Block, Journal of K-theory 12, 3 (2013).

(10) Berkovich Spaces and Tubular Descent, joint with Michael Temkin, Advances in Mathematics 234 (2012).

(11) Equivariant Gerbes on Complex Tori, Journal of Geometry and Physics 64 (2012).

(12) Gerbes and the holomorphic Brauer group of complex tori, Journal of Noncommutative Geometry 6, 3 (2012).

(13) Meromorphic Line Bundles and Holomorphic Gerbes, joint with Edoardo Ballico, Mathematical Research Letters 18 (2011).

(14) Cohomology Groups of Deformations of Line Bundles on Complex Tori, joint with Noam Solomon, Israel Journal of Mathematics 186 (2011).

(15) Twisting Derived Equivalences, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 361 (2009).

(16) Non-commutative tori and Fourier-Mukai dualityjoint with Jonathan Block and Tony Pantev, Compositio Mathematica 143, (2007).

(17) Mirror Symmetry and generalized complex manifolds Part I, Journal of Geometry and Physics 56, 4 (2006).

(18) Mirror Symmetry and generalized complex manifolds Part II, Journal of Geometry and Physics 56, 7 (2006).

(19) Submanifolds of generalized complex manifolds, joint with Mitya Boyarchenko, Journal of Symplectic Geometry, 2, 3 (2004).

(20) What is Not in the Domain of the Laplacian on Sierpinski Gasket Type Fractalsjoint with R. S. Strichartz and A. Teplyaev, Journal of Functional Analysis 166, 197-217 (1999).

I taught a course on Differential Graded Categories, at Oxford during Trinity Term 2013. Classes taught at the University of Haifa include Algebraic Groups and Modern Algebra B (taught 2 times), Functional Analysis (taught 5 times), Analytic Geometry, Modern Algebra A, Lie Algebras  (taught 2 times), Linear Algebra A, Commutative Algebra, Topology  (taught 2 times) and Knot Theory. 

My research group maintains a blog called Derived Algebraic and Analytic Geometry.


2006                              Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania supervised by Tony Pantev

2007-2008                     NSF postdoc at Columbia University, New York

2008-2009                     postdoc at The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

2010-2014                     tenure track lecturer at the University of Haifa 

2012-2015                     visiting faculty at the University of Oxford 
                                      supported by the European Commission as a Marie Curie fellow

2014-present                 senior lecturer with tenure at the University of Haifa 

A talk at the University of Miami from 2005, SYZ geometries on generalized complex manifolds.

A talk from 2010 I gave at the ICMS (Maxwell Institute, Edinburgh) is also available here (or see GerbesTalk4.pdf at the bottom of this page), go down to Gerbes and the holomorphic Brauer group of complex tori.

A slide presentation by Dominic Joyce summarising his recent and current work and that of his group.

My mathematical genealogy (provided by mathematical uncle Jimmy Dillies). 

My sister Daniella Ben-Bassat has a country music show on BSR Radio.  Check it out here.

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