In respect to our community and following the direction of our local leaders The Orem Chorale has chosen to consider different options for the next season's schedule. Please check back for updates on future rehearsals and performances.

~ The Orem Chorale

2020-2021 Season Rehearsals:

The plan for the season is to provide an opportunity to participate either in person or virtually online for as many choir members who wish to be involved. Choir members can choose what works best for them and what they are comfortable doing. While this is not ideal for choir singing, it will give an opportunity for everyone to engage with the choir in some form. We hope to provide an interesting alternative to our usual season while also interacting and sharing with one another as best we can.

For those who wish to attend rehearsals in person, we will have a weekly rehearsal in the choir room at Orem High School. Many of you may know that our choir director, Russell Oliphant, is a music teacher at Timpview High School, and he’s encouraging us to use the same safety precautions that are currently being used for our school students. A weekly list of names (that will be rotated for those who want to participate) will be generated and sent out to the choir indicating scheduled dates for when to show up to in-person rehearsals. Please contact to be added or removed from this list.

In-Person Rehearsal Schedule:

  • 7:30 - Choir members will arrive, wear masks, and be temperature screened upon entering the choir room (please refrain from shaking hands or hugging)

  • 7:40 - Warm up and singing begins

  • 8:10-8:20 - Singing ends, announcements and closing

  • 8:30 - Return home

Online Rehearsals:

  • Rehearsals will be streamed online on The Orem Chorale YouTube Channel.

  • If you are not able to join during the live-stream you will be able to access the recordings on demand on the same YouTube channel.

2020-2021 Season Events:

(Under Consideration)


    • Thursdays (10 September 2020 - 27 May 2021)

    • Orem High School choir room

  • Orem Public Library Fall Concert

    • Date: TBD

    • Venue: TBD

  • Thanksgiving Concert

    • Date: TBD

    • Venue: TBD

  • Christmas Concert

    • Date: TBD - 4 Dec or 11 Dec

    • Venue: TBD - Online concert from Orem City Concert Hall (possibility)

  • Easter Choirside

    • Date: TBD

    • Venue: TBD

  • The National Day of Prayer

    • Date: TBD

    • Venue: TBD

  • Patriotic Concert

    • Date: TBD

    • Venue: TBD