BMC_DEBUG is an Oracle PL/SQL Instrumentation Framework.

By decorating your own code with calls to its procedures, you can add messages to your code, and by changing parameter table values, you can control when those messages are displayed on screen or written to a log table.

You can also collect statistics about the execution of your code, and dynamically change which statistics are collected and when.

It also allows the execution of your code to be monitored, and provides highly detailed error logging if unhandled exceptions are encountered.

Once your code has been instrumented, it can be deployed to your live production system with the instrumentation still in place, as you can dynamically modify the behaviour of the instrumentation without having to recompile or redeploy your code, or restart your live applications.

The BMC_DEBUG source code is provided and is not wrapped, so you are free to examine it. The source is released under the "New BSD" open source license.

If you are familiar with Oracle, read the Quick Start guide for details of how to install BMC_DEBUG and run some example code.

Otherwise, have a look at the Detailed Installation Guide for more details on what is required to install the tables and packages.