serious professional who gets the job done with no voodoo boilerplated hardware, software, and system administration advice? you think i am kidding? I can save you cash and make things run more efficiently as well as optimized! don't settle! at least blast me an email and let me give you my take- cheap free advice on your options....

some services I can offer

customized servers/workstations/gaming machines

Й Computers! best deals, will work with you to optimize machine, Apps! Servers! WiFI! proxies, torrentflux...literally scads of cool programs and system configurations- file servers, intranets, application servers, web servers, database scripting, ecommerce sites, installls, data backups, disk cloning, and recovery, antivirus scans/servers, spyware audits/elimination, footprinting/network interrogation, audits, LAMP setups (anyplatform), wireless networks, password resetting, bios/firmware flashing, liscense free domain controllers/dns, vmware, osx on intel/amd, virtual drives, imaging, vnc/consoles/shells/ssh, tor, research, file integrity checks/md5/crc, pgp setups, content management, photo galleries, ftp servers, clustering, load balancers, HA design, round robin dns, lvs+keepalived, gigabit networks over copper, fiber, raid setups, nas devices, gaming machines, media centers, multimedia/codec/ripping shrinking support, flash/actionscript, IP cams/dvr/surveillance, monitoring, email::assp::antispam gateways. email me for free quotes/ 409-4038 / good troubleshooter, no job too small, house/office calls mostly eves. yes i want any electronic junk you have! also refrigeration equip (recharging/gauges/compressors) can barter, flexible, prompt replies.

from basic to advanced I can get you set up right- dx/troubleshooting hardware or software, experienced, linux or windows. servers/networking/wifi/antivirus deep fund of knowledge, can customize, specialize in hard cases/high performance mods
I love to hack esp lamp stack, also will pick up your old electronic junk, free quotes, prompt replies, great referrals if i cannot help you. shep 409-4038
cheap rates, local, independent, free software, unbeatable- we want your business! I will go out of my way to make you happy!
gsa schedule/institutions/large rollouts welcome