OpenPMU - The Modular Open Source PMU Project

The OpenPMU project delivers a fully open source Phasor Measurement Unit for power system analysis and research. This website hosts information on the project, devices and technologies produced, and publications.

We are an international team and welcome contributions, ideas and engagement with the project, so please get in touch with us via email or message us on Facebook.

OpenPMU is not just a device, it is also a framework and reference design for best practice in PMU technology.  We have always pursued compliance with the IEEE C37.118 standard, but we also strive to push the frontiers of the technology.  Read about the project here.

Key advantages of OpenPMU:
  • Modular design
  • Python code base
  • Communicate using IEEE / IEC / JSON / MQTT
  • Cyber Security Gateways
  • Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone Black targets
  • Low cost (faster, better, cheaper)
If you share our ideals and want to come explore the next frointer of power system measurement technology, please get in touch and join our team!
To keep up to date with OpenPMU, join our Facebook page.