OpenImageIO is a library for reading and writing images, and a bunch of related classes, utilities, and applications.  There is a particular emphasis on formats and functionality used in professional, large-scale animation and visual effects work for film.  OpenImageIO is used extensively in animation and VFX studios all over the world, and is also incorporated into several commercial products.

Main features include:

You can find the main documentation here: OpenImageIO on Readthedocs

Mail Lists

You can sign up for the mail list on your own using the links above.

Downloading and building the code

Our code is hosted on GitHub:

The release branch is very stable and promises to never break back-compatibility with APIs or linkage within that release. The master branch is where new development happens; it tends to be very solid code but its APIs may change at any time.

You can also directly download a zip file of the source code:

At present, there is not a separate precompiled or binary-only distribution of OpenImageIO (though we hope to eventually have one). For now, you'll have to build the code yourself.

Read access to the main git repository is available for anybody. Commit access is restricted to senior developers. Though you are of course welcome to "fork" the repository to create your own work area on GitHub.

Please refer to Installing OpenImageIO for details on how to check out and build OpenImageIO.

Please refer to Contributing to OIIO for various rules and procedures for developing OpenImageIO.


For more information, contact Larry Gritz.